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Saturday morning meant flowers, cake and hand-holding. Stay tuned, lots of pretty pictures coming up!

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An ancient rulage of grains and seeds of the night


Our plum tree has blossomed!



First of all sorry about that link post – I just claimed my blog on Bloglovin so if you like go and follow me on there! Also a special thanks to The Doors for the title inspired by ‘Wild Child‘ which I’ve had on repeat all morning.

I’ve mentioned before how we live further away from the center of the city but close to Tbilisi Sea and surrounded by nature, but did I tell you we have a garden too? It’s a complicated situation with the settlement we’re in but basically they’re only just registering the property and land in the area since it was given to IDP people. Shota and his family have lived here long enough to have their own garden which his mum used to use all the time, so we were really excited to get it going again for this summer.

My garden back home is almost non-existent thanks to standard UK terraced houses giving us a tiny patch of land behind it. My dad makes the most of it with some flowers and tomato plants but it’s nothing compared to the garden he had while growing up. Being fortunate enough to have a decent amount of land here it’d be a shame for it to go to waste. Also with the neighbours asking if they could ‘borrow’ it from us assuming we didn’t want it it was time we put our foot down and claimed it, if you will.

Georgia is known for its land and agriculture. The country itself is tiny but has several different climates thanks to a sea border, land border and mountain border. The west part of the country is bordering the Black Sea but the north part is bordering the Caucasus Mountains, so you can imagine the difference. You can even grow citrus fruits and kiwis here, as well as an abundance of grapes (it is wine country after all)! Shota is really eager to get a small greenhouse and grow our own lemons here since they’re just getting more and more expensive.

So all we did yesterday is tidy the ground and prune the trees (we have several plum and walnut trees but also a big mulberry tree at the back). I was determined to get rid of the stones down the side where I want the flowerbed to be down the side so now my entire back is aching, but doesn’t it look good?


That’s Shota and our neighbour tidying up. Shota stayed for an extra 3 hours after I gave up and got too tired, I think he missed the fresh air and being physical after such an intense time at work. Next weekend we’re going to buy materials to put the fence up (and keep the neighbours chickens out!) and some seeds and bulbs ready to plant. I’m so excited to see how it will be in a few months!

Do you have any suggestions of what will be best to plant? Also do you think our own chickens would be a good idea for freerange eggs?