Christmas Eve Chia Seed Breakfast Pudding!


So coming back to the First World means I have access to funny things like chia seeds and quinoa, without having to search the whole city and pay crazy import prices like in Georgia.

Today I tried to make a pudding I’ve been eyeing up for a while now by Minimalist Baker. Except I improvised some of the ingredients and kind of judged by eye rather than measurements. I think it was quite successful for my first time using chia seeds!

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Din.ner Restaurant Review

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I usually like to spend rainy Sundays indoors, listening to Billie Holiday and preparing myself for the week ahead. We were quite busy this weekend, as we progressed well with our flat (it looks livable now!) and are helping someone with theirs too.

So as the sun set and temperatures dropped yesterday evening, our stomachs informed us that a slice of pumpkin pie is not enough to sustain two people of our statures. In search of food and in the nicest part of town, we made our way to Din.ner – a newly-opened restaurant/cafe/bar thing on Abashidze.

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