A Brit living in Berlin, Germany.

I just moved from Tbilisi, Georgia. A little different from the one in America.

Expect to see posts about my experiences here, food, musings, and general lifestyle stuff.

I’ll try to take most of the photos on my camera but otherwise they will be from my iPhone 6 when I want to be a little more inconspicuous.

This is my way of documenting my life here, so at times it may be a little scatty because, well, I can be a little scatty. Be patient with me!

Can’t wait to meet you,

Chloe x

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208 thoughts on “About

  1. offcampus101 says:

    Hi Chloe!

    We are very excited to tell you that Off Campus 101 is currently transitioning into Pacific & June. We’ve really been enjoying this project, and realized that in order to continue after college, we needed a name that was a little less college-specific. We really appreciate you following us and hope you give us a follow at our new website, pacificandjune.com.

    Kate and Tay

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  2. Ellen Antill says:

    Thanks for liking my recent post, Chloe . . . sounds like you’re on a juicy adventure! What are you doing in Tbilisi, in addition to writing about your experiences there?


  3. lakhanisheena says:

    Hi! Thank you for checking out and following my blog! I recently switched my blog over to a new site: http://sheenaandthecity.com. If you are interested in continuing to follow me along on my journey, please subscribe in the sidebar with your email! I hope we can still stay connected.

    Thanks for the support! You’re doing great things with your blog!


  4. mitzitup says:

    Thanks for following me & Mitz it Up. I just wanted to tell you that we have moved to mitzitup.com. Would love to have you on my new site. If you find it interesting, could you resubscribe by putting your email on the sidebar?. Cheers!! And keep up the good work. I’d love to connect with you!!


  5. photobyjohnbo says:

    Hi, thanks for stopping by and following my travels and photography. After taking a quick peek at your site, I am sure I will enjoy reading about your travels as well. Looks like you’re headed back to the UK soon for a visit. Safe travels!


  6. The Rider says:

    Thanks for the follow! Your blog looks so interesting, being on the other side of the world and telling of fascinating places and experiences, that I want to follow right back!


  7. ksbeth says:

    hi chloe – thanks for reading and following me, and i look forward to doing the same, as i read about your adventures in georgia. not the american one )

    best, beth


  8. theamazingworldofgummies says:

    Nice blog! Thanks for following mine πŸ™‚ Will definitely be reading yours from now on. Happy Blogging fellow human πŸ™‚

    PS: I’ve actually got a friend in Georgia. She’s studying medicine there πŸ™‚


  9. crowdedhermit says:

    Your site looks like it will be fun to explore. I found it because you just followed my blog by e-mail, THANK YOU! Little glitch: I offered to send you a free book for doing so, but… WordPress didn’t have the decency to give me the email address of where to send it. If you want it, let’s figure out how to do that. You can send me a direct e-mail at crowdedhermit “at” verizon “dot” net (that should keep the autobots confused, right?) If not, ignore this comment and I will still enjoy reading your blog and hope you enjoy mine as well πŸ™‚


  10. Divs says:

    Hey Chloe , thank you for visiting my blog. You have a very interesting blog here. And I must say that You and Shota look very cute together . Looking forward to reading more posts from you.😊😊


  11. Villa Seneng says:

    Hi Chloe, nice to read your blog, especially 10 things that make you happy every weeks. πŸ™‚ It seems you really really enjoy your life and it’s spread to your reader through words. Hopefully someday you can come to Indonesia and write about us in your blog too.

    See you!


  12. tonyroberts says:

    Hello Chloe,

    I hope this finds you doing well.

    I see you have been a follower of β€œA Way With Words.” Great! Thank you.

    We have now transformed into, β€œDelight in Disorder: Faith & Mental Illness” (delightindisorder.org). I hope you will join us there. On the left sidebar, there is a box (below β€œGet More Delight”) for subscriptions so you can get the most of our mission.

    Take care & God bless,


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