New Year’s Day


New Year’s Eve in Berlin was not as I expected. We stayed home, armed with red wine and crackers, not eager to face the sudden cold that had swept the city in the last few days.

Fireworks have been randomly fired several times a day (yes, day) pretty much since we arrived at the end of November. I guess practice for New Year’s Eve because they didn’t stop! I’m not sure how New Year’s Eve is typically celebrated in Germany but I assume it’s not as much of a priority as Christmas (like in the UK – Christmas is for family, New Year’s for dancing with friends) but correct me if I’m wrong.

In Georgia, the 25th December is business as usual, since Georgia celebrates Christmas on the 7th January. They do like to get together for New Year’s though, which is usually spent with families at a supra until midnight, when the neighbours start visiting other houses to congratulate each other. The supras then continue from morning.

Actually, this time last year, I attended an eight hour long supra in London. It tested my patience, I have to say.

Anyway, my point was there were loads of fireworks on New Year’s Eve and it looked pretty messy the following day.

It sounded like a war, so I couldn’t help but worry that our local refugees weren’t too traumatised that they couldn’t enjoy the celebrations.

It’s been quite a year. Globally and personally. For me, I felt like a real, independent adult for the first time, and really learnt how to stand on my own two feet. I could list all the things I’ve learnt from being in Tbilisi, but what I’m interested in now is how those will impact me now I’m in Germany.

New Year’s celebrations are a good reason to refresh. I love making lists and getting my thoughts on to paper, so have been indulging these last few days to not only decide what I want to do this week, month and year, but also what I want to finish from the year before.

I’m not so eager to make resolutions, I find them too strict and idealistic. Maybe monthly resolutions would be better? Of course I want to exercise more and eat healthier, but that’s impossible if I feel like I’d be punishing myself.


So rather than focus on resolutions, I’m going to make one vague goal to accomplish for 2016 – make foundations. In 2015, Shota and I decided we wanted to transition to Europe, which we spent the best part of the year preparing for. We managed it, and now we want to build something while we’re in Berlin. Stay tuned!

We stopped for some Chinese food (healthy start, I know) and got a fortune cookie that said “In love you will shine like the brightest stars”. That’s the plan anyway!


By the time we finished, heavy fog had engulfed the city. It looked nice, but was bitterly cold. I have to admit it made me a little nervous. Empty streets and heavy fog = zombies!

My friend from Spain told me that what you spend New Year’s Day doing is an omen for how you’ll spend the rest of the year. Shota said the 2nd January is Bedoba (fate) which is pretty much the same idea. So both of these days (to be sure) we made sure to get fresh air, exercise, laugh and eat good food.

How did you celebrate New Year’s Eve? Do you have any special traditions?


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