Ten things that made me happy this week!

10 things dec 2.jpg

Merry Christmas everyone! I stayed in Berlin and fully indulged in German Christmastime, although it hardly felt Christmassy at 15°! Since everything is closed and quiet, we’ve been doing a fair bit of exploring, which I think we’ve decided to put into vlog form as of 2016, so stay tuned.

1: I suppose I should mention Christmas, right? Although I was sad not to be with my family and pets, I did enjoy a quiet day with my sweet as we explored the seemingly-abandoned city and danced to Christmas music in the kitchen. It’s okay, when I head home in Spring my dad promised us a Christmas dinner then. Including alcoholic desserts.

2: Writing bitchy emails to Pegasus (who have officially lost Shota’s luggage)! We’re hoping to get some kind of compensation now for the terrible service, but it feels so good to be an arsehole sometimes, it’s in my blood.

3: Muji’s cinnamon and mandarin candle. I swear you can’t get a more Christmassy smell than this unless someone has invented a mincepie flavoured candle..?

4: This stereotypes of London post.

5: Bidznia the Bond villain. You can’t make this up.

6: The colours of the Tiergarten!

7: Making woodpecker friends by the canal.

8: Beautiful weather (although, in the back of my mind I know it’s because of global warming…).

9: Homemade makowiec! So tasty! Pressed poppy seeds, honey, dried fruits, sometimes pasta… Perfect.

10: Making my own gravy. It feels a bit old-fashioned but I’ve never tried it before and it came out pretty damn good! Let me know if you’d like a recipe although, as far as I understand, not many nations like gravy?

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas or holiday celebrations! I’d love to hear how it varies in your hometown. In Germany, most of the celebration happens in the evening of the 24th, then Christmas day and Boxing day (the 26th) are more for relaxing. In the UK we do everything on the 25th before raiding the shops for sales on Boxing day!


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