Perfect Pizza at Zia Maria


I think I found the best pizza in Berlin.

Zia Maria is in Prenzlauer Berg, the trendy area in the north part of Berlin where you can find an abundance of bio food markets, juice bars, nightclubs and families, believe it or not.

A beautiful sunny day lead us to Pappelallee, a street full of gorgeous old buildings and plenty of scaffolding. We almost missed the restaurant, it’s quite small and inconspicuous from the outside, but just follow the smell of pizza and you’ll find it.

The first thing you see when you walk in is the kitchen, where pizzas are being rolled out fresh before your eyes. Do your best not to steal a bite and find a table. They look a bit like ice cubes or like the Flintstones’ kitchen but that’s not important.

Choose however many slices you want from whichever pizza (they’re quite big but it’s worth going a little crazy) and grab some bio lemonade from the fridge. Also, take some time to appreciate how many vegetarian options there are if you have the same tastes as me!


The ceiling is suitably distracting while you ignore your rumbling stomach.

You could also spend this time people-watching (although try not to get jealous of their pizza). You should expect to see a lot of trendy young people with beanie hats, well-dressed yummy mummys with Holly Golightly trenchcoats and pristine toddlers as well as the occasional builder in for lunch – in other words, there’s something for everyone.

Noone seems to mind the cramped space or colour-changing lights. Even the children waited patiently.

I’m sure my face is quite telling of how excited I was…

… And with a damn good reason too – feast your eyes!


We opted for a margarita, mushroom, vegetable, spinach and potato (yes, potato pizza!) mix. All of them were perfectly thin and crispy, not too difficult to eat, not too overloaded with ingredients, and amazingly fresh and light.

I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who swears by deep pan pizza, but you can leave Zia Maria without feeling like you’ve just inhaled a horse, even if you did eat six slices within 15 minutes…

The pizza was perfect, the service was quick and the environment was simple and welcoming. What more could a girl want on a Saturday afternoon? An easy 10/10!

Let me know if you decide to check out this place, and definitely take a look around the neighbouring streets if you get a chance!


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