Ten things that made me happy this week!

10 things dec

Although it will take me some time to get back into it, I want to atleast keep posting about what makes me happy because I’m always amazed at how much positive feedback they get and I think it’s a good way to share what I’ve been doing as well.

So here goes, as usual full of food!

1: Singing happy birthday to my dad via Skype but in a mixture of English, Georgian, German, Polish and Russian (unfortunately I can’t take credit for the multiple language abilities…).

2: My heels reaching the mat during downward-facing dog for the first time!

3: Fun buns.

4: Christmas markets, although especially Gendarmenmarkt which we visited this week. This which was by far the busiest and most interesting Weihnachtsmarkt I’ve seen so far. Flammkuchen and impressive voices made it that extra bit special, but I still think one should be slightly drunk when in crowds in the middle of winter.

5: Jazz music at Anastasia! The food and wine was so good, it distracted me from being sad about my lack of saxaphone-playing abilities.

6: Giant ginger babies, what else needs to be said?

7: Milky Way Crispy Rolls! I’d been yearning for them the whole time I lived in Georgia so you can’t imagine my joy when I found them in Kaiser’s the other day.

8: Georgia’s positive report regarding visa-free travel to the EU… Which means by summer 2016 they should be able to visit without the need for a Schengen visa!

9: Mild weather and how perfect it is for walking. It’s 15° today, crazy.

10: The fact my hair isn’t falling out anymore… I think German water is much more forgiving, thank God.

How was your week? What are your plans for Christmas? We’re staying in Berlin so I’ll (most likely) be sharing a British Christmas dinner recipe with you all some time soon…


4 thoughts on “Ten things that made me happy this week!

  1. Miriam says:

    Sounds like you’ve had s nice week. For me I’ve just celebrated my wedding anniversary, the heat wave here in Melbourne has broken and we’ve been blessed by rain
    Food, friends, family – I’m grateful for it all!


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