Christmas Market in Charlottenberg, Berlin


I’m in Germany at Christmastime, you know what that means…


Charlottenberg is a district in west Berlin, home to Charlottenberg Palace and a lot of white people. It’s not so politically correct but it’s true. Charlottenberg has always been wealthy – originally an independent city before being made part of Greater Berlin in 1920 then situated deep into the British sector after the war.

It’s not far from where I’m living so we decided to make our way over and soak up a real German Christmas market. We have them in the UK as well, a vague attempt to copy the Germans at extortionate prices, but nothing is quite like the real thing.


My first priority was to find something big and doused in chocolate. This chocolate-covered apple made me wonder why I don’t make a batch to keep at home. Shota, on the other hand, needed something warm.



We decided against mulled wine (Glühwein) since we’d already had some beautiful Georgian wine at lunchtime… ‘Tis the season!

Actually, I’m in the process of making a website for our Georgian wines, so if you fancy a bottle or two just let me know! They’ve won many awards and are quite unlike anything you might have tried before.




We strolled around some more, observing the slightly tipsy Germans let loose and dance to a brass band.


Although I couldn’t take my eyes off the stalls and how unbearably cosy they all looked!


Shota finally found wurst, which was surprisingly the same price as Curry 36.



Whereas I’d already finished my apple so started eyeing-up the handmade stuff…




It was unbearably cold by this point, but I’m glad we went past this guy just before leaving. He was selling hand-crafted fountain pens, one of the more impressive stalls against rows of souvenirs and jewelry.


… And finally a Finnish fish stall, because why not?


We had to retreat to the car as it was just so cold, and already nearly 10pm. The Weihnachtsmarkts around Berlin stay open pretty much all day, every day, but there are a few which are known for being especially good, Charlottenberg being one of them.

Hopefully I didn’t make you too hungry! Have you been to a German Christmas market? Or maybe you even have some in your town?




25 thoughts on “Christmas Market in Charlottenberg, Berlin

  1. Samantha says:

    This look amazing! Every year I go on regular trips to the German Christmas market that comes to Birmingham – but I can’t even imagine how lovely it must be to actually be in Germany. I’ll definitely have to make a trip one Christmas.



  2. says:

    Such a fun post to read! I’ve not been to a German Christmas Market – that I remember. I lived in Germany as a child for three years many, many, many years ago. I do remember leaving my shoes outside the front door for St. Nicholas and being so excited that he filled them with candies – for the good children! I have very good friends who make a special trip from the US to visit the markets and they go on and on about how beautiful everything is. I think you photos captured this loveliness. Sandra


  3. anexactinglife says:

    I have never seen anything like that – enjoyed the pics – and got a good sense of what it would be like to visit. I have a weakness for wooden toys, and I could not have walked away without a fountain pen!


  4. itsjordanleigh says:

    Awesome! I live several hours away from Berlin so it was nice to see your Christmas market pictures from that area! I have gone to two markets so far near my house- they are so beautiful to see (i’m originally from the States) So the Christmas markets are a real treat!


    • itstartedinoxford says:

      If you’re anywhere near Dresden I heard they have the best one in the country! I’m not sure how they judge (all seem impressive to me) but I guess there’s just even more choice and details to appreciate 🙂 How long have you been in Germany? It must be quite different than the US (I find it’s quite a contrast even compared to the UK!)

      Liked by 1 person

      • itsjordanleigh says:

        I just had to Google Dresden haha, its about 6 hours from me, so a bit far, maybe next year!? I bet it’s amazing..they all seem to be! I’ve been in Germany since June..and yes, it’s very different than the US but i’m really enjoying myself. I haven’t been to the UK yet- but I can’t wait to! I can’t wait to do some traveling 🙂


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