The Hiatus is Over!

So, first let me apologise for the hiatus… I moved to Berlin! After much stress and paperwork (a story for another time) we’re here.

We’re staying with good friends of ours who have already gone through the process and understand German bureaucracy well. Shota’s luggage hasn’t arrived (don’t fly Pegasus) and I’m sort of the British representative for the best Georgian wine importer in Europe, so if you know anyone who might want a bottle for Christmas just send them my way…

Aside from making a website, I’m spending my time sight-seeing, exploring, eating and swooning. Berlin is treating us well, although I realise now how naive I was before arriving as I always assumed the Brits and Germans were on the same page about most things – I was sorely mistaken!

It’s been quite nice to take a break, as much as I enjoy blogging, just to assemble my thoughts and decide what I want to do with this thing. I want to show you all different aspects of Berlin but am unsure where to start, so any suggestions are welcome! I also may update quite sporadically from now on as I think it’s more important to focus on the quality rather than quantity if I want to be proud of what I’m producing.

I’ll leave you with a few photos I’ve taken since arriving, as well as a link to my Instagram which I update quite often.


Perfect pastels


Kreuzberg, in the park surrounding the actual Kreuz.


Katulki Cafe, will definitely go back!


Snow on our first day



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