Autumn Veg Pie


The fact it’s cold enough to wear scarves and gloves means it’s officially pie season. Uninhibited rolls of puff pastry, billowing steam, mushy veg and a house that smells like home.

You will need:

– Various veg, seasonal is best. I used about half a squash, some broccoli, a few potatoes and a carrot I had lying around
– Half a tin of chopped tomatoes (make sure there’s no added sugar!)
– A chopped onion
– A few cloves of diced garlic
– Herbs, I used a sprinkling of rosmary
– Puff pastry. Make your own if you like, but I just used some standard frozen stuff and it worked perfectly.

First, chop up all of your veg into cubes (about 2cm), douse in oil, salt and seasonings and lay out flat across a baking tray. Roast on a medium/high heat until soft but not mushy. In the mean time fry off your onion and garlic.

Add into your pie pot, I couldn’t find my glass dish so used a skillet instead. Mix with the onion, garlic and the tomatoes so it’s less dry.

Lay your pastry out across the top. Mine looks so lumpy because I tried to make the rim thicker to avoid collapsing in the oven. It worked quite well, and looked ever so rustic.

Don’t forget to add some air holes too!

Pop in the oven for about 30 – 40 minutes, or until your pie is crispy and irresistible. It heats up well for leftovers too! Nothing technical involved here and, although it takes some time, it’s easily adaptable and makes your house smell amazing.



Snap off a chunk of pastry, grab a glass of red and tuck in!


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