Din.ner Restaurant Review

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I usually like to spend rainy Sundays indoors, listening to Billie Holiday and preparing myself for the week ahead. We were quite busy this weekend, as we progressed well with our flat (it looks livable now!) and are helping someone with theirs too.

So as the sun set and temperatures dropped yesterday evening, our stomachs informed us that a slice of pumpkin pie is not enough to sustain two people of our statures. In search of food and in the nicest part of town, we made our way to Din.ner – a newly-opened restaurant/cafe/bar thing on Abashidze.

I’m always quite hopeful with places on Abashidze as it’s definitely one of the most expensive/progressive streets in the city. There are always some weird aspects though. For example, every cafe I’ve been in on this street so far doesn’t have wifi or a card machine. Maybe it’s because of communications or rich people carry cash? I don’t know but it’s a bit weird when they seem to have thought of everything else!

The place itself was quite big, spacious and decorated nicely enough (complete with the word ‘selfie’ on a mirror). Shota and I headed towards the back because it was brighter and further away from the guys smoking shisha in the corner but soon moved to the comfy sofas by the window.

One thing I like about the places on Abashidze is they’re not on ground level so it feels like winter in New York when you look out the window. Especially satisfying when it’s freezing outside!

The menu was so-so. Pretty much the same as most other places in the city but with quesadillas and cheesecake too. Shota ordered a club sandwich and I did a Sally and the waiters kindly tailored a veggie pasta dish for me. +1 to the smiley waiter!

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It was the perfect amount of pasta topped with grilled vegetables and grated parmesan – exactly what I needed! Shota inhaled his sandwich before the waiter even had time to say ‘gemrielad miertvi‘ so seems he was happy too.

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Then we ordered dessert, of course, and decided on banana-filled blinis instead of our usual brownie or tiramisu. They were delicious, and I’m very fussy about pancake-related desserts.

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The food was great although the menu was kind of mediocre but the atmosphere was nice and quiet – perfect for long chats. It’s a shame that the smell of shisha was quite overpowering and also that the music was a bit crappy/ didn’t match well. It kind of makes such places seem tacky, which I hate to say because otherwise the staff and everything was nice! I’d give it about 7/10.


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