Ten things that made me happy this week!

10 things oct 3

1: Being super productive with work – a 2 day work week is fine by me!

2: Birds on the windowsill. I thought my Snow White abilities had finally come into action but turns out Shota left some bread there for them.

3: Rain! Everything is so mellow and quiet when it rains and time seems to move much slower.

4: Two young boys on the bus who were fascinated by a foreign couple. They had such wide eyes as they peered over the seat to observe them without being noticed.

5: Ajika explosion. Shota, in a moment of fatigue, shook a bottle of ajika when the lid wasn’t on properly. I haven’t managed to wash the smell out of my clothes yet.

6: Feeding street dogs sausage. It may mean shop keepers call me ‘that weird foreign girl’ but they don’t see how happy the dogs are! This guy in the picture above was still around 3 hours later and greeted me like an old friend.

7: Good hair days, that is until I saw Kelly Brook‘s hair in the photo above. That’s exactly how I wish my hair would be!

8: Newly-planted trees. Always a good thing.

9: Doing something that will make for a good story to tell my grandchildren.

10: People with huge smiles! It must be a biological thing, but there’s no way to feel negative towards someone if they’re literally beaming at you.

How was your week? Did you celebrate Halloween? It’s not really a thing here in Georgia but it gives me time to plan next year’s costume anyway!


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