Cafe Cecilia Review


Eager for cake closure (a new found tradition) we took a walk down Abashidze, near Vake Park, as I’d noticed some interesting cafes there before.

A few days earlier, I went to Avocado on Abashidze, which was okay but just a bit… Weird. It was huge and completely empty, the waitresses were watching Turkish soaps on the laptop and there was no internet.

Abashidze street (and Vake in general) is considered the fancy part of town, full of cafes, restaurants and salons, and it’s obviously more fashionable than Dighomi because they offer more than just khinkali for dinner.

Cafe Cecilia was much smaller than expected, separated into two rooms which were both for smokers. We sat near the till, much to the delight of the waitresses who were gossiping, and no wonder considering the others who were definitely the Chelsea bunch of Tbilisi. Ladies who luncheon, who are doing their utmost to channel Chanel with long cigarettes and long heels.


The details were definitely the best part. Like this branded matchbox which says ‘mokide da smoke kide’ which basically translates to ‘more light and more smoke‘ but it’s a play on words. I’m not sure why they need to promote smoking when everyone smokes anyway. It’s still trendy here.


We’d had dinner, so opted for a cake to share to go with a pot of tea. We actually ordered a tiramisu but they didn’t have any, so got a chocolate cheesecake instead. No matter how fancy the restaurant seems, the menus are always the same… I’ve never seen as much tiramisu as I have in Tbilisi!

Shota was discouraged by the size but we actually couldn’t finish it (and we hate leaving food!). It was so rich, and really nicely bitter in contrast to the creaminess of the cheesecake texture. I enjoyed it but probably wouldn’t order it again. The dinners coming out looked good though, especially the pasta. Shame I’m going gluten free or I would’ve had a second dinner!


Despite the somewhat snobby guests, the atmosphere was quite relaxed. No loud, penetrating music and general chit-chat is all I ask for from a cafe. Oh, and the colour scheme may have won me over too. I’m addicted to dark green and white! Does anyone else get like that with colours? I’ve noticed a weird thing before I fall asleep, when I’m in that hypnogogic state, that I picture colours or colour schemes in my head. Does anyone get that?

Anyway, Cafe Cecilia was pretty much as expected. Amusingly snobby, quite nice food, smokey and relaxed. There are only a few areas in Tbilisi where people go to kill time and spend money because there’s more of a restaurant culture instead of a cafe culture. I think for the atmosphere alone, despite other aspects, I actually really enjoyed myself. I’d give it about a 6/10.


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