Ten things that made me happy this week!

10 things oct

I’ve been very domestic this week, maybe it’s the time of year but I feel like making a fresh start and getting organised. That, and getting increasingly excited for Samhain! Makes me miss Avebury…

A busy week with some unnecessary negativity thrown in, so I’ve done my best to get past it and focus on the good points instead:

1: My friend’s film photos. He’s recently started and I’m so impressed by the outcomes already. There’s something so enchanting about film photography, I wish I had the patience for it!

2: Henry Miller on Painting. This actually inspired me to paint this week, for the first time in nearly two years! You can see the work-in-progress on my Instagram.

3: The School of Life. What’s not to love? Alain de Botton, animations and food for thought!

4: Ci Gusta on Chavchavadze. I’d been meaning to pop inside for a while and finally did after a very long day. It was just what we needed, so calm and relaxing and being surrounded by books as you sip tea is never a bad thing.

5: Kitten returning! He’s bigger but still loud and scared of heights, such a sweetie.

6: Seeing how well kids learn, they’re seriously like sponges, it’s amazing and also makes me a little jealous.

7: How well my dark red nail varnish satisfies my autumnal mood.

8: Autumn weather! Autumn passes quite quickly in Tbilisi so I’m enjoying the mild temperatures, colourful leaves and abundance of pumpkins before it gets bitterly cold!

9: Getting the laminated flooring for our flat – finally! It’s a beautiful ashy wood, I may post photos when it’s down.

10: Slow motion video on my phone – endless entertainment.

How was your week? Has Autumn reached you yet?


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