Pipe’s Burger Joint Restaurant Review

We just had to go and try the newly-opened burger place in Tbilisi.

Shota is a die-hard fan of Burger Bar in Vake, considering how few options there are in Tbilisi, he’s found what he likes and is reluctant to try elsewhere and be disappointed.

Spoiler alert – he was still disappointed with this place but only when in comparison to Burger Bar.

He went for an ‘Uptown Burger’ which was a glorified version of a classic cheeseburger. I decided on a veggie been burger with onion rings to share.

I managed about 6 bites of mine before retreating, it was huge. I’ve never seen such a literal bean burger, or rather ‘lobio’ burger. The chips were more McDonalds-y rather than street food Shoreditch-y despite the chic decoration of the place.

The minimalist decor and service made up for the mediocre food. Quite a small but relaxed place with friendly and attentive staff, sans smoking. Of course I can’t compare to London but the fact it exists in Tbilisi and is already popular is promising for what’s to come in the future!

Shota agreed that it has potential but neither of us are in a rush to go again. The price was more expensive than expected but nothing too outrageous. It was okay, neither here nor there, so I’ll give it a 6/10.


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