Wine Harvest in Kaspi


It’s wine time!

Autumn in Georgia means two things – wine and chacha making. Chacha is a vodka-like drink that I made last autumn, as I was actually in the UK during wine harvest last year.

Despite feeling a little under-the-weather, I was excited to join Shota and his friends to harvest wine in Kaspi, a town in central Georgia, about an hour away from Tbilisi.

We woke early, and it was bloody cold.


I love seeing the land in Georgia. Especially areas that look completely uninhabited by people. During the summer, Georgia looked like the Middle East. With dry rolling hills and straw fields. I like seeing the transition now as the rain brings some vitality back to the earth.

Speaking of earth, we drove past a village called Armazi which has a pretty interesting history of pre-Christian/Pagan sacrifices apparently.


Considering how cold it was, we started with some chacha shots. I struggle to drink anything before a cup of tea in the morning, so distracted myself with the local roog friends instead.


Then, we got straight to it!


Yes, I was too chicken to climb the ladder, but being 5’11” I embraced my inner giraffe and helped quite a bit.


While the men worked, I went exploring.




By the time all grapes were collected, everyone was suitably sticky, sweet and ready for wine.


… But first, squeezing!


It’s on my bucket list to jump in a squeeze grapes by stomping on them, but that wasn’t such an appetising thought considering how cold it was!


Despite some very old-fashioned equipment, it looked promising and already tasted good!

The guys prepared a barbecue for mtsvadi, as usual, while I went exploring some more. This time I found rabbits, pumpkins and persimmon!


Finally a supra to end the day. I avoided the mtsvadi and chopped liver and indulged in espinakhi, ajapsanadli and last year’s perfect orange wine!


Have you ever been to a wine harvest? I’d love to hear about it!


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