Ten things that made me happy this week!

10 ტჰინგს ოცტ

With lots of paperwork to do, I haven’t been quite as adventurous as I’d like to be. Hopefully in a few more weeks it will amount to something! In the mean time, tea and Kinder Buenos to power through!

1: The ajika-covered apple I tried today. Ajika is a spicy red paste that’s usually eaten spread over potatoes, it goes with everything. Shota’s colleague gave us some that his mother made from a part of Georgia dominated by Azeris. With the apple it tasted suspiciously like sweet ‘n’ sour sauce.

2: Wearing slipper socks all day, every day. Tis the season!

3: The level of cynicism and amusement in Edward Snowden’s tweets.

4: Colourful fruit at the bazaar. Autumn colours are my favourite!

5: Chatting arts and crafts. Take some time to read about William Morris, you won’t regret it. I fell in love with the bag pictured above because it’s as close to a Morris print as I can find for only 50GEL.

6: Edith Piaf. I’m pretty sure I learnt most of my French from her…

7: The fact my urge to draw and paint is coming back slowly but surely! I’m still a bit intimidated by my paints but one day soon!

8: The kitten we saved last week finally learning to jump from the tree he got stuck in!

9: Bad weather making me more productive. I’m programmed to always go outside and make the most of the sunshine but that was a bit excessive this summer in Tbilisi, now I can relax a bit and not feel guilty for wearing a dressing gown all day.

10: Having a busy week ahead! All full of interesting things, I’m very excited!

Let me know how your week has been! What did you learn? Where did you go? Enjoy the rest of your weekend wherever you are!


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