Cafe Flowers Review


I visited Cafe Flowers the first time I came to Tbilisi, way back in December 2013.

Since then, I’ve not been able to work out exactly where it was, as I’m still in the process of piecing together my mental map of Tbilisi.

It turns out it’s actually really easy to get to, just a short walk from Avlabari metro.

I still haven’t explored much of Avlabari, didn’t really know what to see, so I should dedicate some time for that because it was surprisingly nice.

Shota and I had just returned from Kakheti, which is why we were in that area anyway. I think the marshrutka came in around Isani metro. I was amused after our weekend away and also the fascination the marshrutka driver had with our relationship. It seems the entire area around Kvareli knows my name.

Refreshed and fresh from the village, we went straight to Cafe Flowers which was much more of a date place than expected, so we were a bit scruffy.


We managed to grab a table with a gorgeous view over Old Tbilisi. I remember what I love about Tbilisi when I get to explore these winding streets. Less cars, less people and more colour. I can only imagine what Tbilisi was like before Russia occupied.

Anyway, we decided to share pizza and chips, nothing very adventurous. The menu was quite big, with a variety of ‘European’ and Georgian dishes. So basically pizza, salad and khinkali, like most places. Not that I mind.


The chips came quickly, pizza took ages. I find it so strange that that happens here. Every single time we go out! Just cook the chips later and bring it all out together silly.


My qualms soon disappeared, the pizza was delicious. Not exactly what I expected – much greener – but again, no complaints.

We watched the sun set over European Square and decided to get dessert, for closure.



Again, the menu offered pretty much the same as everywhere else I’ve experienced in Tbilisi; brownie, nuts and cigarettes, or Tiramisu. I can safely say it was one of the best tiramisus I’ve ever had!


Then we had tea. I couldn’t resist. It was in the heaviest teapot ever though, I could barely lift it!


Our friend joined for a cuppa as well.

How could I complain about an evening talking about life, perspective and kittens while watching the sunset with my sweet? I’ll give Cafe Flowers a 9/10 – the only thing that lacked being the cigarette smell everywhere (hard to avoid), the loud location by a road if you’re unfortunate enough to get a bad seat, and the time it took for our pizza to arrive, otherwise perfect!


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