First Attempt at Cauliflower Pizza!

I’ve been curious about it for a long time and finally got round to trying cauliflower pizza!

It was surprisingly easy and didn’t end up tasting like vegetables so I would say it was a success.

You will need:

Half a head of cauliflower

Two eggs

Two cloves of garlic

Dry oregano

Whatever toppings you like, I chose sliced mushrooms, red pepper, chilli pepper and tomatoes. I recommend tomato paste instead though, actual tomatoes were a bit wet

Pre-heat your oven.

Get a large mixing bowl for your cauliflower and cauliflower ‘rice’. Pulse the florets in a food processor or just grate them. I think grating would be quicker if you’re not blessed with a top quality processor.

Make sure to embrace the whiff of cauliflower.

It should be quite fine, finer than mine anyway. Rice-grain sized would be perfect.

Boil or steam until soft, drain and let it cool. Then, put it into a teatowel and squeeze the rest out!

Use some elbow grease! Then, combine with the beaten eggs, a pinch of salt and the oregano.

Then, flatten onto a greased baking tray. I ended-up using a skillet but atleast it stayed round.

Add your toppings and bake for about 15-20 minutes, until your crust is crusty and any potential cheese has melted.

Then tuck in!


14 thoughts on “First Attempt at Cauliflower Pizza!

  1. tj6james6 says:

    Instead of tomato base you can use a garlic based sauce or pesto as well.
    I’ve made cauliflower crust before and it is yummy. Glad you enjoyed it.
    Oh, a food processor definitely helps. A few pulses, or a quick minute on low is all you really need.


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