Ten things that made me happy this week!

10 things ოცტ

1: The lady who drew us on the metro. She was so cute and it’s such a good idea!

2: The Georgian word ‘Zdrilobiani’ which means ‘Gentleman’… But ‘lobiani’ in Georgian is also the name of bean bread.

3: Dancing to David Bowie. KING.

4: Saving a kitten! He then proceeded to climb the tree and get stuck twice more but it only makes me admire his spirit.

5: Speaking of cats, one Shota and I saw by Marjanishvili the day after Tbilisi flood which had obviously got caught in it and was battered and bruised… We saw what I’m 99% sure was the same cat with fresh fur and a bounce in his step – I nearly cried!

6: William Morris. I’m pretty sure I should’ve been Jane.

7: Cookies… More specifically, inhaling the entire packet of cookies in one go. It’s been a while.

8: Rain! I’ve realised I feel most relaxed when it’s grey and miserable outside. Probably because I feel less guilty for watching films and being cosy instead of productive and social.

9: Wine ideas!

10: Love Affair. My go-to film when I need a dose of Charles Boyer.

Hope you’ve had a lovely week!


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