Peanut Butter Chocolate Truffles!


My first attempt at truffles and a good way to use up the kilo of Peanut Butter that I brought back with me from the UK…

Yields about 15ish

You will need:

200g of not very cheesy-tasting cream cheese
300g or so of dark chocolate, the darker the better
A few generous tablespoons of peanut butter, but no more than 4 or they’ll get too sticky.

Whip up your cream cheese until smooth and, well, creamy.


Get a burly man to do it if you did it with a fork like me.


Bain marie your dark chocolate and stir a little so it melts evenly.


Mix in your peanut butter.


Then mix thoroughly with the cream cheese.


Leave in the fridge for about 3 hours, until set enough that, when pressed, your finger leaves a slight indent but isn’t wet.

Now, pretend you’re Juliette Binoche inΒ Chocolat and get ballin’!


I know it looks like dung but try to ignore that. I coated mine in cocoa powder because it’s all I had but desiccated coconut, crushed hazel or walnuts, sea salt, more dark chocolate, sprinkles.. Anything would be good. You could even try and put a whole hazelnut inside if you’re really nutty.


Enjoy the process, you’ll get quite messy.


Leave them to chill for a while, I left mine overnight and they were perfect.

… And enjoy for breakfast!



19 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Chocolate Truffles!

  1. tj6james6 says:

    The mixture is in the fridge now :), waiting, waiting, waiting…
    I left the cream cheese AND the chocolate on the counter overnight which made the cream cheese much more pliable but I still used the hand mixer, lol. Much less time consuming and since they’re a surprise for my boyfriend I didn’t want to wake him up to mix it by hand :D.
    One thing I can say is that I either need a larger metal bowl or a double boiler, lol. Holding the bowl with a pair of tongs while stirring the chocolate is not exactly my idea of fun.


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