Autumn Wishlist!

Autumn wishlist

Although I still have to make a conscious effort to wear more than just the same jumper and jeans everyday, now that the weather is cooler I’m getting the urge to experiment with some colours and textures.

I watched the Alexa Chung series on the British Vogue’s YouTube channel which I found really interesting, mostly because she speaks with designers and prominent figures about the impact of fashion on society. As an art history geek this is exactly what I need as I eat my breakfast every day.

I recently bought a gorgeous green dress from Zara which I wore to a friend’s wedding recently (you can see it in an awful mirror selfie here) and have been dreaming of colours since. Dark greens and creams are always a favourite for me, it’s timeless and seems to suit everyone as well as making me feel like Liz Taylor. I’ve also been liking pale baby blues recently, although am struggling to find the perfect fluffy blue jumper here in Tbilisi.

Until then, I’ve been coveting a few items, and would love to hear what you think!

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Ten things that made me happy this week!

10 things oct

I’ve been very domestic this week, maybe it’s the time of year but I feel like making a fresh start and getting organised. That, and getting increasingly excited for Samhain! Makes me miss Avebury…

A busy week with some unnecessary negativity thrown in, so I’ve done my best to get past it and focus on the good points instead:

1: My friend’s film photos. He’s recently started and I’m so impressed by the outcomes already. There’s something so enchanting about film photography, I wish I had the patience for it!

2: Henry Miller on Painting. This actually inspired me to paint this week, for the first time in nearly two years! You can see the work-in-progress on my Instagram.

3: The School of Life. What’s not to love? Alain de Botton, animations and food for thought!

4: Ci Gusta on Chavchavadze. I’d been meaning to pop inside for a while and finally did after a very long day. It was just what we needed, so calm and relaxing and being surrounded by books as you sip tea is never a bad thing.

5: Kitten returning! He’s bigger but still loud and scared of heights, such a sweetie.

6: Seeing how well kids learn, they’re seriously like sponges, it’s amazing and also makes me a little jealous.

7: How well my dark red nail varnish satisfies my autumnal mood.

8: Autumn weather! Autumn passes quite quickly in Tbilisi so I’m enjoying the mild temperatures, colourful leaves and abundance of pumpkins before it gets bitterly cold!

9: Getting the laminated flooring for our flat – finally! It’s a beautiful ashy wood, I may post photos when it’s down.

10: Slow motion video on my phone – endless entertainment.

How was your week? Has Autumn reached you yet?

Ten things that made me happy this week!

10 things oct

Firstly, apologies for my late happy post – I had a very busy weekend which you will hear more about later!

Next, let’s take a moment to appreciate the sleeping pisos in the photos above. The black and white cat is my cat back home, Lucy, who is about 17 years old now and complete with dribble and old lady habits. The gorgeous white cat is in Mexico, and the photo was actually taken by my friend who has recently started using film photography, so I can’t take credit for how ethereal it looks!

The matchbox in the top right corner is from a cafe Shota and I went to last night. Georgian alphabet appreciation aside, it says ‘mokide da smoke kide’ which is a play on words that means ‘more light and more smoke’. It provoked quite a lengthy discussion about cigarette smoking in Tbilisi, which is definitely still a fashionable thing to do considering the demographic of this cafe…

Anyway, on with the happy things. I’m distancing myself a bit from the blog at the moment as I work out what direction I want to take it, so forgive my inactivity!

1: The landscape in Kavtiskhevi on the way to Kaspi last weekend. Something about it really emphasised how ancient the land is, and I can’t get enough of wondering about what the people would have been like way back when!

2: Buying our plane tickets for Berlin!

3: Fighting Mediocrity‘s Youtube channel. I just love what he’s doing!

4: Alice Phoebe Lou. I actually saw her perform in Berlin by accident last year and have been addicted to listening to her on Youtube since. She just has the most beautiful voice, I must remember to buy her CD next time I’m around Warschauer Strasse…

5: Getting vitamins to hopefully help my hair… If you’re interested I can write a post about it but my hair started falling out when I returned from the UK and I’ve been trying everything to help it! I thought perhaps it was thanks to hard water but have started taking some vitamins from South Korea and, within just 2 days, it seems pretty much back to normal. Let me know if you’d like to hear more and I’ll go into depth about my balding…

6: Attending the most beautiful Georgian Wedding on Saturday. Hopefully I can share some photos and videos with you all, it was spectacular. Full of traditional song, dance and food, I’ve never seen anything like it.

7: Seeing Shota’s dad and sister as they passed through Tbilisi briefly. We had a quick lunch together and, even though I can’t communicate so easily in Georgian, we manage to understand each other and laugh together. I’m very fortunate that he comes from such a kind, open-minded family considering stories I’ve heard from other foreigners with Georgian partners whose families have been rather averse to them for not being local!

8: Wine progress, more on that later…

9: Waking up to this video that Shota sent me on his way to work. I have all the time in the world for gruff accordion players. It reignited my love for Klezmer music, which reminded me of this night in Berlin which reminded me of this amazing musical which lead me to the decision that, if I have a ceremony at my wedding, it will indeed be full of thigh-slappingly good music which gradually increases in speed like this, this and this. You’re welcome.

10: The fact that Shota needs cake closure after a meal now thanks to my influence.

Tell me about your week! I feel like we haven’t had a good catch-up in ages, what’s new?