8 miles


We landed in London Heathrow and spent the next hour and a half on the Piccadilly line to get to Delfina’s house in Highbury & Islington. Although exhausted from our 5am start, we managed to hold a conversation with an elderly Australian couple for a whole 9 stops.

I learnt that they had recently bought a house in Richmond, swapped summers between the UK and Australia, and loved my ignorance regarding illogical Australian phrases like “How you going?”.

We finally got to Delfina’s, showered, and swiftly made our way to a nearby cafe called Fink’s Salt & Sweet which is everything I need in a cafe, complete with Victorian packaging vibes.


The weather was cool compared to Berlin and we felt like walking, so we went towards the canal via Clissold Park. The best part was the deer, and the goats were pretty cute. There was also a greenhouse with exotic butterflies in a geodesic dome but it was closed that one day we were there. Always nice to have animals around, and in good conditions!




We then made our way through Stoke Newington because Delfina thought I’d like it (I did) which was full of sweet little shops, cake cafes, and schools. It didn’t feel like London, not claustrophobic or overran by Pret but obviously still quite expensive.

Spot Poe below:


We also made a friend.



Look at that tongue!






There’s always something to look at in London.

We walked down to Angel and finally to the canal. Delfina and I walked along the canal before but by Little Venice, so it was interesting to see how it was on the other end.

It was beautiful, as expected. It’s like stepping out of London. I was fantasising about living on a canal boat there until I saw one that had sank the day before…




It was somewhere near the last photo where we decided we needed fish ‘n’ chips, so we made our way back up the hill to a good one we found last time I stayed. Unfortunately for us, the weather forecast was exact and the heavens opened at exactly 6pm as predicted, which we would’ve avoided if we didn’t go via the chippie… Which was closed anyway!

So we got back and ordered some Indian food from The Balti King which was incredible. I can’t remember the last time I had Indian food, let alone Indian food that was so good. My mouth is watering just at the thought of those onion bhajees. Also, yes, I’m aware that our British Indian food is completely unlike actual Indian food, but trust me, you have to try it!

We settled down on the giant corner sofa and watched The Great British Bake Off. I learnt what ‘proving the loaf‘ meant before falling asleep, mid cup of tea.


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