Ten things that made me happy this week!

10 things sept2

I’m slowly trying to get myself back on track so forgive my lack of activity lately! Despite spending most of my time working, I’m still trying to see new things. This week I finally visited Tskneti which was beautiful!

1: Shota’s birthday! We accidentally climbed a mountain to celebrate, with a bottle of wine at the top.

2: Jeremy Corbyn winning the Labour leadership contest. I feel a little bit out-of-the-loop here so didn’t really know what the fuss was about Corbyn until recently. I’d only seen negative things so decided to read-up a little myself and am yet to find the bad points of what he says, I agree with all of it!

3: Natural white wine at Shota’s cousin’s house. It was white and from Kakheti and tasted amazing. When you find good Georgian wine, it’s really good.

4: A goose outside carrying a half-eaten nectarine. He was determined to run away with his loot.

5: Seeing Erika and baby Michaela in Tskneti. It’s up a hill just a bus ride from Tbilisi which means it’s much cooler and greener than everywhere else nearby. It’s kind of a summer getaway for rich Tbilisians so there’s more infrastructure than you should expect to see than other villages, including a bowling alley and a Dunkin’ Donuts.

6: My favourite thing in Tskneti, however, was the family of horses who ran through the kid’s stadium unattended. I managed to snap a photo too!

7: A cow hitting a guard dog with her tail. The dog was all bark and no bite, so funny.

8: Lisa Eldridge videos. She’s so elegant and her tutorials are so relaxing to watch!

9: Wild goats. Or maybe just unattended goats. Goats are generally a good thing though. I feel like I’m mostly swooning over the livestock in these lists.

10: My cousin’s new baby William! Babies galore this week!

What did you do this week? Tell me all about it!


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