Berlin Beauty Haul!


Goodies from Berlin!

A recent trip to Berlin meant one thing: cheap and natural beauty. My friend who I stayed with is a pro when it comes to what’s best for your skin type, which products are without scary chemicals/ all-natural and, most importantly, where to go to find them!

I should say very quickly now that the photo above of Dr Organic Snail Gel is from the UK, Holland & Barrett to be precise. It was the only thing I bought in the UK so I figured I could sneak it into this post, especially since it’s probably the most important product for me.

A friend of mine recommended snail gel. Out of pure curiosity I grabbed myself some, skeptical and amused, although pleasantly surprised when I used it because you can feel the effects immediately. I use it everyday before bed after cleansing and haven’t looked back since. It’s a good habit to use it on your hands too.


My wise Berlinian friend gave me a bottle of Giorgio Armani Perfection Eye Make Up Remover as she doesn’t actually wear eye make up and found it very strong. I agree, although that makes it perfect for anyone who tends to wear a lot of eyeshadow, mascara, and especially liquid eyeliner.

I only use pencil and a small amount of mascara, so it seemed too much for me too. However, I did finish the small amount in the bottle rather quickly as it was just so effortless before bed. It’s very oily but doesn’t leave an oily residue, and doesn’t take much scrubbing or pulling on the eyes which is always welcome.


Another serious game-changer for me, Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution. I’d never used micellar water before although was quite excited to. I’ve been looking for a replacement from the usual facewipes I have as they tend to make my eyes sting and I dread to imagine what kind of chemicals they’re full of here in Tbilisi.

I’ve actually finished this small bottle already and found a large one in the chemist, I can’t see myself using anything else from now on. So simple, quick and refreshing, it’s perfect for travelling and easy on your skin, go and grab a bottle!


This one doesn’t look like a beauty product, but it’s exactly what I bought it for. Unfortunately I can’t afford to eat too many avocados because they’re so expensive here, so I decided to get the goodness from them in oil form instead.

All I do is dab it around my eyes before bed, then wake up supple. Avocado oil is great for anti-aging thanks to sterolin and collagen stimulation, anti-oxidants for sun-damaged skin, and vitamins to moisturise dry or damaged skin too . I’m young so shouldn’t worry too much about wrinkles yet, but I’d like to prevent them just to be smug when I’m older because I don’t smoke and therefore should look better.

Seriously though, last summer I sunbathed for the first time ever (I finally went to a hot country) and my skin felt physically thinner by the end of summer. Hence why I’ve upped my skincare since then and have thankfully noticed a huge difference.


Okay, this one is a present for someone so I can’t say much, but it smells incredible and the brand, Alverde is all-natural. I’m seriously impressed with Germany’s variety of affordable-yet-natural skincare and beauty products. It just makes sense. Find this one here and indulge! It’s something that suits everyone and the smell isn’t too overwhelming or sickly.


Speaking of Alverde, I also picked up this body lotion to help keep my skin moist after such a dry, hot summer in both Georgia and Germany. This also smells incredible and feels really beneficial, but body lotion is something I just can’t get into on a regular basis for making me feel so greasy. It’s worth having atleast for after shaving or on especially hot days.

Have you used any of these products? I’d love to hear your thoughts or if you can recommend anything similar!


6 thoughts on “Berlin Beauty Haul!

  1. Inna says:

    I’ll be traveling to Berlin in 2 months and would love to know where to pick these products up! Can these be found at a local pharmacy or drugstore equivalent or do I have to go to a specialty store? Thanks!


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