More food


Pictured above is a veggie kebab I had the pleasure of stuffing into my face in Kreuzberg.

Kreuzberg is full to the brim of trendy restaurants, cafes and bars. It’s similar to Shoreditch where loads of young, poor people moved to the area because it was cheap and bumped up the value with pop-ups and galleries.

Kreuzberg feels more permanent to me than Shoreditch. I lived just south of Shoreditch whilst in London, so had a bit of hipster over spill but was otherwise quite a healthy balance between City workers and immigrants.

It feels like everyone resents the Hipsters of Shoreditch, including the Hipsters of Shoreditch. Aside from the ‘you can’t sit with us‘ aura, Shoreditch and its occupants feel much more temporary. They make that pop-up Korean-Mexican Fusion restaurant with an adult ball pit knowing that, in less than 6 months time, they’ll be replaced.

It’s a good and a bad thing. This pop-up business model means anyone with an idea can pilot it before jumping, with some places renting spaces especially for pop-ups to test out. However, this only works in areas such as Shoreditch and Kreuzberg where it’s cheap and undesirable. This of course makes it risky to jump in to in advance, in case noone else follows.

As I was saying, Shoreditch and Kreuzberg are similar and inspiring, however in Berlin everything seems more thought-out and intentional. These cafes and restaurants begin as pop-ups but stay because people actually really like them, and you know that the places you like will still be there next week.

Basically it’s an area I’d like to see more of when in Berlin, it’s a good way to see what’s happening. Apparently it’s always been quite progressive regarding subcultures too.


Today was spent mostly eating and chatting, what better? We followed the gemuse kebab with some coffee and cake at Einstein Kaffee which was well-deserved after some serious walking around the river and the Reichstag.


We made our way home and I helped Ewa prepare some incredible pasta dishes. One was pesto pasta and the other a very Italian carbonara. Both delicious, and no, I can’t share the recipes.

The depressing thing is always how fast the dishes disappear! Although not so upsetting when you have chocolate tea for dessert…



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