Wild Boar and Icecream


Poland was so relaxing. It’s been a while since I felt so close to nature and civilisation simultaneously. It feels like the perfect balance. I think a lot of European countries benefit from this, Capitalism hasn’t hit quite as strong as in the UK so it feels a little more… Human.

We woke quite early, sunlight peeking through the blinds and the cats hunting our fingers. Shota and I went out onto the patio and admired the warmth so early on in the day. I was still disappointed from the lack of wild boar, even though they were apparently sniffing around, we missed them. So the title of this blog is a bit of click-bait, apologies.



Everyone else awoke and joined us, and Ewa’s dad made some amazing coffee. It’s the only time I’ve drank a whole cup of coffee to myself – I think my taste buds are finally maturing.


We relaxed for a while longer, talking about life, before heading out to see some local sights.


First up a nature reserve called Świdwie. Enjoyable except for the ants and the fact we only saw one bird, but it was beautiful, complete with a real Seamus Heaney swamp.


Apparently if you get stuck in a swamp/quick sand, you should raise your arms as far above your head as possible to give people extra time to find you and pull you out, because there’s no way to save yourself. As we were informed earlier in the week…



From the watchtower we had amazing views over the whole place. I’m sure early in the morning or late at night we’d see more, but I did spot a deer as we drove home.




Soon after we went back to Szczecin, and parked by the City Government building which was so beautiful. I didn’t get a photo but I’m sure the internet will help me.

We took time to see more of Szczecin which was surprisingly big. The Monument to Polish Endeavor was huge, in a park full of music and children.


We also made time for icecream at Cafe Castellari where the portions were also huge. I’m so impressed by Poland’s portion size, it’s a novelty that won’t wear off.


We walked through the park, past an interesting sculpture called ‘Firebirds’ (1975) by Władysław Hasior. Beautiful! It screams 1970s, doesn’t it? Reminds me of my love for Czesław Niemen!



Soon after we headed back, eagerly anticipating a Polish barbecue made by Ewa’s parents. Ale and Ewa had been telling us how amazing it was since we arrived, so we were pretty excited.

As you can see, they didn’t disappoint:


Followed by icecream by a famous Polish family brand I can’t remember the name of who apparently are quite the Kardashians in Poland.


Which I drowned in homemade sea buckthorn sauce.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing, before heading back to Berlin in the evening. Time seemed to move so slowly. Poland is seriously underrated as a holiday destination…


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