En Route to Poland


Today we made our way to Poland, to a place called Szczecin near the Polish/German border.

We drove down the autobahn which was more anti-climatic than expected, although we did hit about 120mph at one point!

The drive was about two and a half hours, mostly through vast stretches of farmers’ fields which only seemed to get wider and wider as we reached Poland.


It makes you remember how big the world is when you see endless earth – not a house in sight! I can’t imagine how I’d be in South America or Africa or something, I’m used to the UK where everything is a few meters away from civilisation.

The first time I visited Poland was by train, coming up from Austria, through the Czech Republic and finally to Warsaw, then a train straight from Warsaw to Berlin. I was equally as astounded by the space then as I was this time. Plus endless forests and countryside is never a bad thing.

We went along one road which Hitler apparently created, it was really bumpy so a good conversation starter compared to the smooth, straight roads the whole way so far.

We eventually reached the small village of Dobra, not far from the border. Dobra used to be in Germany so it doesn’t feel so different, but I enjoy being able to look around and identify that these people are Polish, not German, just by their fair hair and features. Is that a stereotype? Maybe, but as I’ve mentioned before, certain nationalities have a really strong look. I feel like British people don’t have such a strong stereotype/look anymore that isn’t really out-dated, so that’s probably why I find it so fascinating.

The house was lovely, complete with two adorable black cats. Close to a small forest, wild boar apparently come round every evening to rustle through the rubbish bins. Y’know, just casually.

Ewa’s dad made a delicious watermelon gazpatcho, which I’m determined to try and recreate while watermelons are still in season in Georgia…

We had some time to kill so Ale took us to the Polish/German border. Shota and I were pretty excited about it. When you sit down and really think about it it’s really quite significant, especially when you consider history.

Shota in no-man’s land:


Soon after we made our way into Szczecin which was much bigger than I imagined!


Szczecin is also a seaport as it’s close to the Baltic Sea. There seemed to be a lot to do, again with plenty of restaurants and cafes. We drove around for a while and stopped near the Naval Academy where we had some beer by the port at Chrobry Pub.


Unfortunately, the weather changed as we sat down and we narrowly missed being caught in a storm as we went on the search for food by car instead.

We eventually settled for a restaurant called Wyszak Browar Rodzinny which was located in the cellar of the Old Town Hall, a 15th Century Gothic building. It was named after a pirate – I’d recommend reading up on the story – who is associated with bringing Christianity to Szczecin.


You can see how beautiful it was. They also brewed their own beer on site and the food was a combination of traditional Polish cuisine with an international twist. I’ll write a review about this place later on but it was amazing. I’m not sure if I was just really hungry but I was so pleasantly surprised and impressed.

Maybe because my only memory of Polish food was back in 2012 when I was presented with beef tartare with a raw egg yolk on top. Recovering from my first ever vodka hangover and being presented with this was… Difficult.

We decided to head back soon after this, tired from the travelling and eager to be somewhere dry, warm, and near bedding.

Here’s the vlog from the day!



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