Lake Plötzensee, Monbijou Park and Curry Wurst

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Determined to make good use of time, we awoke quite early on our second day in Berlin. A generous German breakfast to start the day featuring berries, yogurts, various incredible breads and, of course, tea (this time made from grape leaves which is apparently very good for circulation).

Ewa and Alex’s neighbour joined us for breakfast, who we continued to chat with all the way to lunch! She’s a Middle-Eastern film critic with some strong views on colonialism and Amazon drones, which made for fascinating table conversation.

Soon after we made our way to Lake Plötzensee, located in Mitte.


Although quite small, the lake was just big enough for paddle boats and even has a small beach area. You can rent boats for 3-5 persons for an hour, which can be extended if you’re enjoying yourself too much.





The greenery in Berlin makes everything feel fresh, even in stifling temperatures!

We had a quick snack at home before heading to a Kiyosaki seminar, which was interesting although somewhat exhausting… It was held in the Radisson Blu Hotel, on Museum Island, so afterwards we walked down through Monbijou Park and shared some pizza amidst the hustle of Berlin at dusk.


It was at this point where I realised how sociable Germans are. Despite the cold stereotype, people are always out at restaurants or cafes with friends. There’s a lot happening to compensate for this cafe culture, which was pretty exciting to see being someone who could sit and people-watch and drink tea all day. It came up in conversation a few times, how a lot of people go straight out after work to meet friends, even on a school night.

In my experience, in the UK, that’s not so common. People are perhaps more introverted or maybe it’s just because going out is so expensive, but after work most people prefer to just go home and get into their pyjamas, at most maybe a beer after work on a Friday. Cafe culture doesn’t have time to exist in London either, not for average working people who just grab lunch from Pret before rushing back to the office anyway.

Despite so many people being around, it was a really relaxing night. I was still recovering from a bit of a culture shock when a man walked past us stark naked, something you’d never see in Tbilisi!

Before heading home we went on the prowl for some Currywurst for Shota. Stopping near the zoo at Curry 36, he tucked in, only to realise that they forgot to add curry powder… Oh well, there’s always tomorrow!


And here’s the vlog from that day, enjoy!


9 thoughts on “Lake Plötzensee, Monbijou Park and Curry Wurst

  1. Mariam says:

    Your stay seems lovely! I absolutely adore Berlin ! The ambiance is so relaxing there and people seem so open. Oh no, now I have to come back everyday on your blog, to read the day by day holidays!!! Definitely worth the read.

    Aufwiedersehen! oder “Adieu” wie würden die Schweizerdeutschen sagen (stammt aus dem Französischen!).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. nadjamoon says:

    Oh, I absolutely love Berlin! I was born there and hope to move back there next year after finishing school.
    About the cafe culture, I noticed how citizens of other countries don’t stay in a restaurant after eating, or extend their stay by ordering more and more food and drinks. In Germany, people often meet in cafés to catch up or work and normally stay for at least an hour, mostly more. I don’t even know why, maybe we just like to eat 😉
    Also, bread. I love bread. It’s probably my most German quality.

    Have a great stay!


      • nadjamoon says:

        I’m currently living in western Germany but I already got a place to stay next year so I’m looking forward to moving back. Good luck with your plans!
        Haha exactly, and in Berlin Mitte are loads of those cute hipster-y cafés I just want to support ^.^


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