Kakheti Break


We haven’t been to Kakheti or any Georgian village since February.

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Ten things that made me happy this week!

10 things september 2

First, let me apologise for being so delayed! We were in the village this weekend so I was without internet, a post will follow soon…

1: Going to Kakheti and seeing Shota’s sister and her family. It’s always relaxing although quite a wake-up call going out of Tbilisi, you can tell things have generally remained the same for the last 200 years.

2: George Gershwin’s birthday (and therefore a good excuse to indulge)

3: Several people commenting on how good my Georgian is! I still have a long way to go but, I noticed when we returned from the UK how I can generally understand everything. I also learnt that Georgian is one of the oldest languages still spoken today – no wonder it’s so difficult!

4: Amanda Palmer’s baby! So beautiful.

5: Hameron, but specifically Hameron puns.

6: Managing the Crow Pose! Even if it was only for a few seconds.

7: Peanut M&Ms. Always a good idea.

8: A BBQ in the suburbs with a dog that looked just like my old dog, Raven.

9: Connecting artists! I can’t expand, it’s top secret.

10: Last night at Cafe Flowers, a post will follow soon.

Hope you’ve had an amazing week!

Ten things that made me happy this week!

10 things sept 3

Autumn is in full force here in Tbilisi, which means horny spiders, cool evenings, and an obscene amount of grapes. More things make me happy when I know it won’t be long before I’m snuggled-up with slipper socks and hot chocolate so enjoy:

1: Ducklings everywhere, and just the abundance of baby animals.

2: Making truffles – recipe will be up soon!

3: The new Snapchat filters, it’s a bit of fun, isn’t it?

4: This geographically accurate tube map – so satisfying

5: This guilty Italian dog! Yes the internet has been golden this week.

6: Cooler temperatures leading to grey skies leading to Chet Baker. Yes please.

7: Cutting my hair. It needed doing for ages and I finally trimmed the ends and (attempted) to put some shape into it. Nothing drastic but atleast I can hide any mistakes in my curls!

8: The Photoshop Express app.

9: Yoga! I can feel my zen has strengthened within just a week.

10: Spending the day on the beach with Shotiko. It’s probably the last day where it will be warm enough and we had the place to ourselves so it was perfect.

How was your week? Is it autumn yet where you are?

London Vlog

Forgive my inactivity – I’m amidst chaos! I’ll get myself organised by next week, promise.

Here’s my vlog from London, a relaxing day so not the most eventful I’m afraid.

Hope you enjoy!