Impending Hiatus

(So that’s not me but I’ve been told I look similar, and that’s definitely a look I’m going to be adopting for the next week)…

So very late tonight I leave for Berlin, finally! As I’ve been mentioning repeatedly on here since buying the plane tickets.

Shota and I will be in Berlin for a week, with a potential trip Poland. Although I’m going to be pretty busy I’ll try and vlog everything which I’ll assemble the following week when I have access to a computer when I reach home!

I’ll be in London for a few days after arriving in the UK, staying with my wonderful friend from Argentina which I’m very excited about, before heading home to Oxford to cuddle my dog and indulge in the familiar scents of home.

I’m sure you’ll understand that I’m going to fully embrace this break since I haven’t left Georgia since January so it will be quite emotional for me, but I’ll make it up to you when I return!

In the meantime, I should still be fairly active on Instagram if you are eager to see what I’m up to, and I’m trying to use Snapchat (chloe-diamond) more too.

So take care and be sure to leave me some comments and stories of what you’re up to this summer (or winter) too! Auf Wiedersehen! 


39 thoughts on “Impending Hiatus

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  2. my messy world says:

    Have a good trip and do the most of it! Soak in everything you can to bring it home with you in your heart and mind ❀ I heard Weimar is supposed to be really beautiful as well, it's pretty close to Dresden or Leipzig I think.


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