London Wishlist!

London wishlist
Next week we leave for Germany, then the week after that, to the UK. I’m pretty excited, if you couldn’t tell. Mostly to see how I’ll react to my native environment and if I’ll have a culture shock, but also for the abundance of food and places to experience.

One thing I definitely need to do when I head home is go shopping. I hate shopping, I find it so stressful and always leave feeling frumpy and down. I do like having new clothes though, who doesn’t? This time I actually need to buy a few new things, as my clothes now in Georgia are suitably old and worn as well as an impending wedding in October (not mine..)!

I guess you can see a theme already, and I’ve never been one to like pastel colours. As I’ve said countless times before, I am trying to explore outside of my comfort zone, especially as a confident 21 year old, it would be silly not to.

1Lyric Cross Strap Pump from Office

I’ve been looking for a pair of sandals just like these for months now. They look so comfortable and I like that the straps are thick and cover a lot of the foot whilst still being sandals. My feet are very wide and weirdly-shaped so I have a lot of trouble with sandals, and have a tendency to stub my toe with completely-open styles. Will definitely be hunting these down!

2: Floozie by Frost French Ivory Two Tone Lace Plunge Bra from Debenhams

I definitely need to get hold of a new light coloured bra after the last nude one I had was torn apart by the washing machine earlier this week (it was on the hand wash setting I swear!). I don’t like to get white bras as I find they age badly and I’m pretty sure there’s nothing sexier than an off-white, patchy bra? Am I right? I love this one as a fancy bra, the details are adorable and the colour is off-white enough that I imagine it won’t age badly, just like my cream ones. I’ll probably end up getting the basic 2-pack later on in the list to save money though…

3Pied a Terre Effie Dress from House of Fraser

I fell in love. I don’t know if it’s the colour or the cut or the fact I’d feel like Catherine Deneuve in it, but I need this. I feel like the tailored waist would be flattering for my body shape as well as being the perfect length for me. After seeing this, I got excited about what I could pair it with, so most of this page is like a dream outfit for me, let’s hope I find it!

4: Eliza J Sleeveless Diamond Prom Dress from House of Fraser

Okay, so I wouldn’t actually wear this, or it would take a lot of guts for me to, but isn’t this the cutest? It screams Audrey and that’s probably the reason I wouldn’t wear it, I need something a teeny bit sexier (like my dream above). I’ll forever be jealous of Audrey and those who can pull this style off without looking like a Victorian child, but a girl can dream.

5Untold Sleeveless Keyhole Fit and Flare Dress from House of Fraser

This is like a cross between the other two I suppose? Sexy cut but with a very classic material and colour. I try to avoid navy blue because pretty much everything I buy is navy blue, especially in winter. I just find it so elegant, and it matches everything. I’d definitely have to try this one on though considering the shift cut and lack of sleeves. My large bust and square shoulders tend to look quite exaggerated in cuts like this if just a cm or two too narrow. 

6: Pack of Two White and Natural Tshirt Bras from Debenhams

This is more likely what I’ll be buying in the UK, considering my need to be practical and my lack of money. I hate how expensive bras are and would rather something basic like this as a day-to-day thing, then one or two more glamorous ones for birthdays and Christmas. Maybe. I love Debenhams though, I always find their styles so comfortable and they’re one of the only high street shops I’ve found with reliable quality and sizes for small ribs-big busted girls, and without everything being beige or looking like a maternity bra. Even though this example is… But you get my point.

7: Leather Wide Fit Faux Snakeskin Peep Toe Court Shoes from Marks & Spencer

Thinking of that beautiful powder blue dress, I fell in love with these powder pink beauties. I used to work at M&S (not enjoyable I have to say) but even I can’t deny the quality of their shoes, and at pretty fair prices too. For those of us who like comfy shoes and have wide feet, they’re a dream. I love the kitten heel too, since I’m 5’11” I never feel comfortable in anything too tall. Another one I’ll definitely be hunting for!

8: Zip Around Mini Cross Body Bag from ASOS

It occurred to me that I’ve never owned a light-coloured bag, and considering I try and wear lighter colours now I’ve noticed how much of an eye-sore my precious brown bag is. The size is ideal but sometimes it looks bulky, and this one from ASOS is ideal. I’m sure I can find a lot of similar ones but I love the simple design and cross-body strap!
What do you think? Maybe a bit old-fashioned style but what’s a girl to do. Where are you favourite places to shop? 


20 thoughts on “London Wishlist!

  1. tj6james6 says:

    Try cramming those big, oddly shaped feet into safety shoes! Tried on 4 pair last night and still left empty handed 😦

    Bras? Meh, sports bras are good enuf for me since they have to be super abaorbent. For work.

    Drsses? I never go anywhere to wear one.

    Sqndqls…Birkenstock! Not the prettiest but certainly practical and so ce you’re going to Germany..


    • itstartedinoxford says:

      I love winter shoes because I have protection but here they’re just too warm! Good luck on your quest for a pair 🙂
      I find sports bras so restrictive and difficult to get on, by the time I’ve finished out they’re rubbing too!
      Why not wear dresses to the supermarket? 😀
      I’ve been after a oair of Birkenstocks for as long as I can remember but they’re so expensive for me right now!


      • tj6james6 says:

        I didn’t say winter shoes, lol. I said safety shoes. Steel toed shoes, to protect the toes from heavy objects falling on them a squashing them at construction sites and in factories :).
        I found a link the other day for sports bras that actually have a closure instead of having to pull them over the head.
        I probably would wear them to the store if I went from home but usually go after work since I have an hour to kill from the time I get off work and the time my friends gets off and since I pick her up….driving 20 minutes each way to get home, in rush hour traffic…yeah.
        I know Birkies are expensive. Perhaps they’ll have a warehouse/seconds type sale while you’re in Germany and you can get a pair on the cheap :). They’re the only think I wear from the moment it’s warm enough in the mornings to not get frost bite to when it gets to frostbite weather again.
        I’m not preaching with the coming statement, honest.
        In order to get quality you have to pay for it. I can agree though that it shouldn’t cost $90 CDN (Canadian) for a freaking pair of shoes!
        I hate winter shoes, lol, because it means the snow is here! Blech!
        Any way, good luck. I hope you find what you need and are looking for 🙂 and have a wonderful time.


  2. Tony says:

    Hi – From a male’s perspective

    Your taste in fashion is obviously more of a classic style.

    While you may think it comfortable, those sandals (#1) are very not very flattering… regardless of the reasons given. Even your other shoe choice (#7) is way too conservative for someone as young and good looking as you.

    I’m trying to better understand your taste in shoes… do you prefer low or no heels because you “are” very tall (over 6 foot) or your significant other is a great deal shorter than you?
    I’m sure you can find more appealing casual wear that is comfortable and fun. A more glamorous dress shoe would better compliment you on more formal occasions.

    Bras are nice.

    The purse depicted is a tad too square and bulky for my taste, particularly if you are trying to match with the dresses shown.

    While the dresses look nice (the light blue one is my favorite if I had to chose one of them); however, they are too conservative for my taste. I prefer a more contemporary look. Furthermore, while you look great and young, this style may make you look older. I suggest you try some less conservative fashion on your travels.

    Lastly, it is not my intent to offend you in any way, shape or form! If I have, please accept my sincerest apology. Have a wonderful trip and happy shopping.


    • itstartedinoxford says:

      That’s fascinating, thanks for such an extensive comment!

      The first pair of sandals would strictly be for practicality, especially as I walk a lot 🙂 I think they’re modest enough to to catch attention too so perfect for day-to-day wear. The other pair are quite formal but I just don’t feel comfortable in trainers or these platform heels that everyone my age wears, especially being well over 6′ in heels!

      My boyfriend is taller than me and I guess we’d be about the same height in heels. I live in Georgia though where the majority of people are about my boob-height without heels, so I’d rather not draw even more attention to myself. What style of shoe do you mean? I’d love to see examples, maybe I’ll be won-over by them! I’m no expert when it comes to shoe styles and trends I have to say.

      Again with the bag, it’s mostly for practicality! I like things to look nice and I never buy anything just for one occasion, so that bag will have to match more casual outfits too, as well as being big enough for my essential crap and camera 🙂

      For me, contemporary dresses are this kind of bodycon style that everyone wears out clubbing, otherwise lots of garish prints which I associate more with older people if I’m honest. What dresses do you mean? I’d love to see some examples, especially as it sounds like you know a thing or two about fashion!

      I really appreciate the discussion, thank you!


  3. my messy world says:

    Nice wish list – I wish you good luck so you can find the things you need for the wedding and to pass by the next time in Georgia 🙂 ! My wishlist when I travel the Isles are Cadbury Buttons and new released English paperbacks basically *ggg* 😀


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