Vegan Green Noodle Soup (Gluten Free!)

It’s sweltering here. I’m pretty sure I’ve started every blog post lately complaining about the heat but it’s unbearable. I was in desperate need of something light and hydrating, so what better than a nourishing miso-esque soup?

You will need:

A few cloves of chopped garlic
Some ginger (I was quite generous but depends of you)
Thinly sliced mushrooms
A few tablespoons of soy sauce
Basically whatever green veg you have will work, try and get a good combination of flavours and textures!
3 large spiralised courgettes, I used a grater for mine…
About a litre of boiled water of vegetable stock

Start by putting your garlic, ginger and whatever herbs you have in to your boiling water/ stock. Let it infuse for a few minutes while you slice your mushrooms


Chop up your broccoli (the bigger the chunks, the better) and red pepper, then add that and your spinach to the boiling water. In the meantime, spiralise your courgettes!


Add everything except the courgettes to the water and let it boil.



Leave your noodles to one side. You could add them in too but they might soften quite a lot, I personally wanted mine to have more strength.


Once it’s all looking tender and smelling great, get ready to serve! It’s very adaptable in terms of what veg and herbs you can use, and is so easy to cook, you can’t really go wrong!


I made a bed of noodles then poured the soup over the top. What I love about this is you feel how nourishing and detoxifying the greens are, especially when you’re feeling lethargic and heavy.

Using courgette instead of real noodles still gives body to the meal but without the heaviness or bloating, and pushes out the flavours even more. It would be so easy to pair with other dishes too. If I had more vegetables and herbs I would’ve made some rice paper rolls too. Perfect for summer!

Let me know if you decide to give it a try. Or if you have any other hints or tips for basic Asian-style cooking for those of us with limited access to sauces and ingredients!


10 thoughts on “Vegan Green Noodle Soup (Gluten Free!)

  1. 360degreechange says:

    Awesome post, cannot wait to try this! going GF has changed my life so much. anything that helps people eat better like this is so useful. thank you!


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