144 Stairs Cafe Review

Saturday was a long, busy day full of walking, so of course the best decision we could make would be to walk through Old Tbilisi and up 144 stairs to the cafe on top of the hill.

It’s never a bad idea to get lost in Old Tbilisi. Although located just a stone’s throw from Freedom Square, within seconds of turning down one of many winding back streets you’re transported through time.

I can’t be the only one who swoons over derelict buildings and old doors can I?



Also cats everywhere. Look closely at this one below for a kitten pile!


We eventually found the street we needed, which was surprisingly tidier than others. It was pretty much full of hotels which I found really surreal, but you can see why with the view.


We walked a little more and made our way to some steep stairs, lured in by the jazz music we could hear overhead.

We didn’t book a table in advance but they were nice enough to find us a table for two in the corner, very romantic.


I kept thinking to myself that, atleast if the food is bad then it was worth the walk just for the view.

Much to my surprise (sorry to be cynical, Tbilisi) the food was amazing.

Shota went for a club sandwich and I got spag bol with some Tsinandali to wash it all down.

The portions were huge and I ate more pasta than any human should in one sitting! Thankfully I made a friend who could help me.

Despite the heat, I went exploring inside. It was obviously someone’s house, complete with washing machine in the bathroom, which I found quite charming.

With art dotted all over!



The meal was amazing, so we ordered a brownie with high expectations. Although it’s a good thing we had some wine left to get us through the wait!

I think it took them about half an hour before they collected our plates and we ordered dessert, then another 40 minutes before it arrived? Peculiar, and I was pretty fed up by the time it arrived.
It was also quite small compared to the size of the meals, disappointing.


As you can see, dusk came and went before dessert arrived. The live jazz music was good entertainment though and the view was undeniable.

Overall, I really enjoyed it. The food was great, the view was amazing and the service was pretty good except I just don’t know what happened at the end. It wasn’t even that busy but I’m sad to say I left in a bad mood despite everything.

For that I’ll give it a 6/10. Hopefully we just caught it on a bad day because I’d like to go back, if my pride let’s me.


12 thoughts on “144 Stairs Cafe Review

  1. biosocsci says:

    I was so hoping for you all was perfect because it was pretty amazing until the end. Tell yourself they were trying to give you romantic time to enjoy the view! I think we would have asked because sometimes all you need to hear is a sincere apology from anyone to make such things ok. Then at least you think, yes that happened but they were really nice…Fortunately some places you can go looking for someone to remind them you’re still there much as that puts the cringing feel on you. May the next 10 places you visit be truly perfect.


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