Ten things that made me happy this week!

10 things july end copy
Intense heat makes me lazy and, dare I say it, excited for a British summer (it’s apparently about 18 degrees at home at the moment!).

Nevertheless, here’s what made me smile this week:

1: Mini Stone Henge by Tbilisi Sea. Someone’s hobby is balancing rocks on top of each other and it’s so beautiful!

2: Kittens everywhere! A guarantee every year in a hot Tbilisi summer.

3: Feeding the local shmoogs, of course. Just dogs in general.

4: Amber Rose. She’s just such a power house, I find her so refreshing.

5: Watching the sunset with my sweet, we’ve seen some beautiful landscapes this week.

6: Maybe TMI, but starting my period whilst doing the Goddess Pose was pretty invigorating…

7: When Harry Met Sally, of course.

8: Seeing people (especially children) learning! Kids soak up everything like sponges, it’s inspiring.

9: Bananas. I think we get through about 30 bananas a week? I’ll share my go-to morning smoothie soon!

10: Wearing white, which always makes me feel like a Disney princess. See my Instagram for more!

Tell me all about your week! I hope it’s been positive and inspiring wherever you are


10 thoughts on “Ten things that made me happy this week!

  1. Sheridan Johnson says:

    Such beautiful pictures! What makes my happy is spending quality time with family ans friends while having five days off work! 🙂


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