Althaus Tea Rooms Review


A long day (refer to my restaurant review from Monday), meant one thing – tea and cake.

I don’t care how cliché it is, being British and finding so much comfort in tea and cake, but it’s just so good!

Ambling around after a disheartening dinner and a long week, Shota and I made our way to an upstairs tea cafe we’d been eyeing up for some time, just hadn’t got around to visiting yet.

Walk up some wobbly stairs with lurid walls and cute illustrations to the main entrance room and also where the till is with a pretty but casual-looking waitress waiting to say gamarjoba.

This obviously used to be a house, with such high ceilings and twisting corridors there’s no doubt. I’m a sucker for this kind of thing, after falling in love with The Apartment in Sofia back in 2012.

The old building also meant it was slightly stuffy and wooden, made more bearable by mismatched pillows and fairy lights. We swiftly made our way to the balcony, which had a few intimate 2-person tables dotted around, botanical paintings and a huge Iranian portrait.


The tea menu arrived and whatever face I pulled made Shota laugh. It was huge, so much to choose from! I was intrigued by a ginger, liquorice, lemon zest and chilli pepper one, but wasn’t feeling so adventurous and opted for something a little more soothing; ginseng and peach with various other pretty-sounding ingredients in.

It was heavenly, especially when paired with the creamy cherry cake we shared. The waitress told us the dessert menu, rather than bringing a list, so listen carefully because I think it changes every now and then.

The waitresses and people it attracts are lovely, which engulfs you in such a relaxing environment, you’d think time stood still.

It was probably the most satisfying tea and cake I’ve had in a long time, although was slightly expensive for Tbilisi pricing. Definitely pop by if you’re near Akhvlediani street, I’d recommend around dusk for a feeling of living in ‘Summertime‘. 9/10.



11 thoughts on “Althaus Tea Rooms Review

  1. awtytravels says:

    Oh, I loved seeing that TV tower-cum-restaurant hovering above Tbilisi! I’m going to reveal my age now, but it felt so delightfully Space: 1999…

    (sorry, I know it’s got nothing to do with cakes but I’ve been thinking at old school sci fi all week!)


    • itstartedinoxford says:

      Haha! There’s parts of Tbilisi that remind me of sci-fi films too. There’s one building which reminds me of 1968 Planet of the Apes! And a few 2001 references here and there – always welcome though!

      I LOVE old sci-fi, it’s been a while since I’ve indulged in it


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