Landing in Berlin


We left Tbilisi around 3am, and didn’t manage to sleep a wink beforehand. I get nervous before flying, more so because of the fear of a culture shock than actually being in the air.

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… And I’m Back!

That was quite a pause, wasn’t it? We arrived in the early afternoon yesterday after travelling for nearly 24 hours (more than one connection is never a good idea…) so I’ve been trying to get myself organised and get over this stinking cold I was blessed with for the entire journey before normality tomorrow.

We started in Germany, with a quick trip to Poland, before heading to the UK where we stayed in London and Oxford. So quite a lot of travelling for 2-and-a-bit weeks. Expect to see lots from our trip coming soon!

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Impending Hiatus

(So that’s not me but I’ve been told I look similar, and that’s definitely a look I’m going to be adopting for the next week)…

So very late tonight I leave for Berlin, finally! As I’ve been mentioning repeatedly on here since buying the plane tickets.

Shota and I will be in Berlin for a week, with a potential trip Poland. Although I’m going to be pretty busy I’ll try and vlog everything which I’ll assemble the following week when I have access to a computer when I reach home!

I’ll be in London for a few days after arriving in the UK, staying with my wonderful friend from Argentina which I’m very excited about, before heading home to Oxford to cuddle my dog and indulge in the familiar scents of home.

I’m sure you’ll understand that I’m going to fully embrace this break since I haven’t left Georgia since January so it will be quite emotional for me, but I’ll make it up to you when I return!

In the meantime, I should still be fairly active on Instagram if you are eager to see what I’m up to, and I’m trying to use Snapchat (chloe-diamond) more too.

So take care and be sure to leave me some comments and stories of what you’re up to this summer (or winter) too! Auf Wiedersehen! 

Ten things that made me happy this week!

10 things august

1: Starting to practice French again. I feel like I’ve forgotten everything since living in Georgia, so need some general practice to build up my confidence again. I will soon go back to translating Edith Piaf songs for fun!

2: Managing to salvage the washing machine after it shredded my bra. Thank god I didn’t break it, it would be the most frustrating thing – Never trust a hand wash setting!

3: Featuring on GUM! They were sweet enough to email me inviting me to feature on their blog. Definitely go and have a look, it’s about Growing Up Millennial full of tips and advice.

4: Chatting with my friend from Brazil, although now he’s studying in the South of France and so far the stories and photos are incredible. I can live vicariously through him, and it’s so interesting to hear other perspectives on new cultures!

5: These adorable photos taken by Guinnever Shuster!

6: Having shiny hair, I never have shiny hair! I’m so impressed with my current shampoo and conditioner, and I only wash it twice a week. It doesn’t get greasy at all, I could even get away with just once.

7: The leaf on my nectarine and Georgian summer fruits in general.

8: Surprising myself with my North Caucasian geography. I could find Chechnya and Vladikavkaz on the map!

9: This game called Cloud Path that I’ve been working with, and quickly became addicted to. This is exactly why I avoid games! It lead me to download The Sims on my phone and I had flashbacks of summer 2008 where my green-skinned family accidentally killed their father and had their baby taken away. I swiftly deleted it.

10: The photo of Shota and I above. That supra was horrific as we got home at 4am, but I just found the photo hilarious.

Hope you’ve had a wonderful week – tell me all about it!

London Wishlist!

London wishlist
Next week we leave for Germany, then the week after that, to the UK. I’m pretty excited, if you couldn’t tell. Mostly to see how I’ll react to my native environment and if I’ll have a culture shock, but also for the abundance of food and places to experience.

One thing I definitely need to do when I head home is go shopping. I hate shopping, I find it so stressful and always leave feeling frumpy and down. I do like having new clothes though, who doesn’t? This time I actually need to buy a few new things, as my clothes now in Georgia are suitably old and worn as well as an impending wedding in October (not mine..)!

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‘We All Looked Up’ by Tommy Wallach Review and Guest Post

I was so excited to receive an email last week from The Teenage Bookaholic, offering to write a guest post for my blog! I love reading but always tend to read the same books over and over, and don’t really venture very far from my comfort zone when I just want something to relax with in the evening.

The Teenage Bookaholic’s reviews are very honest and concise with a mixture of genres and opinions. This book in particular is intriguing to me, as I love anything that helps you to put things in to perspective. I might have to give the album a listen too!

So, enjoy!
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