Picasso Restaurant Review


Don’t let the name fool you, it’s actually a Chinese restaurant…

After a rather humiliating yogurt explosion which left me smelly and feeling sorry for myself, we decided to head to Picasso – a well-recommended Chinese restaurant in central Tbilisi – for what we anticipated to be satisfying and good value meal after the bar was raised at a Thai restaurant we found nearby.

The menu was huge and full of all kinds of meat, including frog. The chef was Chinese too so we were pretty excited, even though we opted for only veggie dishes.

The glass noodles arrived first which I was the most excited for after how good they were at another Chinese restaurant we had visited a few months back. However they were so garlicky we could barely eat them. This is from Shota too who enjoys eating cloves of garlic dipped in salt, so you can imagine how strong they were, I’m sure.

They were also cold, which I was surprised by at first but liked since they were more salady and better with the cucumber.

Next up was a sort-of veggie stir fry. You can’t really go wrong with stir fry can you? This was exactly as anticipated although I was disappointed by the portion size since the waiter told us that it’d be more than enough for two people. Either we’re both pigs or he was exaggerating. This was probably the tasiest dish of the bunch and, to be honest, it was mediocre at best.

We also ordered some veggie spring rolls, because they’re always a good idea. The photo in the menu showed a pile of 5 and only two, odd-sized ones arrived, which was a shame.

I could live off spring rolls but these were just depressing. The filo pastry was soggy and the filling was bland. The presentation was the best part of the experience…


We decided to avoid dessert, not emotionally-stable enough to deal with more disappointment that evening. There will be another post to follow later this week of where we went after, which was much more uplifting.

I’m a little confused why there has been so much hype amongst the expat community in Tbilisi over this restaurant. The decor was nice and the waiters were friendly enough, but the food was just awful. Definitely won’t be going there again in a rush. I’ll give this a generous 4/10.



13 thoughts on “Picasso Restaurant Review

  1. eminthecaucasus says:

    Interesting that you’ve heard it praised–I haven’t heard anything good about that place. In general, I’ve found the Chinese places here uneven–same dish at the same restaurant will be great sometimes, and terrible others.


    • itstartedinoxford says:

      I don’t understand how it’s still around after that experience! Yeah someone told me recently how good it was so I figured it would be worth a try :/
      Yes it’s really strange. How I miss Chinatown!


  2. Dodot Jethrow says:

    You need to love culinary art and it will love you back. Cooking is a privilege to make someone smile. Your partner will adore you and family will love you and your kids always remember a mother who feed them well.


  3. Doug DeBug says:

    I read this with interest as I’m a huge fan of Chinese cuisine. Well, any kind of Asian food. Okay, all food. My favorite pic was the facial expression on the last image. Priceless!


  4. dreamdocumenter says:

    Hmm, maybe it is because you opted for veggie dishes only? One of the things I enjoy most about Chinese cuisine is their meat 😀 Such as Peking duck, & meat dumplings! But I did read through your blog and saw that you are vegan 🙂 There are not that many vegans in Asia so I’m speculating that Asian chefs might not be that experienced in preparing vegan/vegetarian dishes, which could explain the bland taste.


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