Ten things that made me happy this week!

10 things july 4 copy
Less than a month to go until we’re off to Germany and the UK! Not much is happening still, as usual just saving money and watching geese plod past my window. I’m getting pretty excited and nervous (I worry about everything, what if the flight doesn’t exist, what if we get stuck in Istanbul etc etc) so at the moment I’m focusing more on containing my emotions than I am exploring and learning. Nevertheless, there’s always something that makes me smile…

1: Watermelon piles! As you can see in the photo above, it’s such a happy sight. Makes you feel like you’re on holiday.

2: Half price shoes… I’m really excited about these so will include them in my July favourites!

3: Chocolate Hob Nobs. Not McVities but still pretty damn good.

4: Waking up to Shota returning from his swim at the beach with the cutest Staffy-esque mischievous shmoog! This dog followed him all the way into our house, had some bread and said hello, then went on his way. Adorable!

5: Shota’s visa arriving! Next we apply for his Shengen visa… Such a pain in the arse to get visas, I feel so lucky to be British at times like this when we almost have free reign of most places. Gah.

6: Finding broccoli. I don’t know if it’s out of season or something but I haven’t been able to find broccoli or spinach for about two months now in Tbilisi. Everyone has the same produce at all times, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for then chances are it’s not even in the country.

7: Chatting to our friend in Berlin. We’ll be staying with him and his wife when we’re there next month and might go to Poland too which will be amazing. Expect vlogs!

8: Speaking of which, finalising trip plans and arranging exact times and places with people where we’ll meet. I know it sounds a bit obsessive since it’s a month in advance but I miss that. Everything is done on a whim in Georgia, I miss planning!

9: Not losing all of my video files during a painful 8 hour rendering yesterday… Agh. I was lucky this time.

10: This clip of a boy in Uganda. It made me weep with joy slightly but that might be because I’m PMSing this week.

Hope you’ve had a lovely week, tell me all about it! 

Also apologies to people who have nominated me for awards (there’s atleast 3 I haven’t done). I’m more than grateful and flattered that you nominate me but I’m afraid I won’t be doing any award tags anymore, I find them a bit repetitive and jarring on my blog now that I’ve got more into the swing of what I want to write about, but please know I’m really thankful for your thoughts!


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