Beme – What does it mean?

Today I unlocked Beme.

Beme is a new social media app created by Casey Neistat, the man whose YouTube account inspired me to start creating vlogs too.

In his vlogs he spoke about ‘the company’ which was recently revealed as Beme before it’s launch. Neistat explained in other vlogs and Tweets about how the app can be downloaded by anyone, but you need a code to enter.

You can watch this video created by the man himself to see what the app is like, or read on to hear my first impressions.

Today I got my code after reserving my username when it was first released, after missing a few code releases announced on Twitter, I blame the time difference. Now, I’m not someone to get particularly excited about social media. I was late to the Instagram game and my tweeting skills are less than on fleek. However it was hard not to be curious about Beme after hearing about it’s values.

I hear a lot of people complain about social media, declaring it narcissistic, stupid and a waste of time. Yet none of these people manage to stay away from it. Why? Because they connect people in a way never experienced before the internet.

One argument people use against social media is how this virtual world seems to dominate over the real world. The exhausted scene of someone posting photos to Facebook of the concert they’re at rather than looking at the stage with their eyes.

I personally have nothing against this being someone who enjoys browsing old photos and videos often, although I can see the point. Hence why I’m excited about Beme as it forces users to be honest with what they post, in real time, with no filters, emojis, lovehearts or thumbs-up buttons.

The clever thing about Beme is it uses the motion sensor, which no doubt will inspire some pretty creative use when people get to grips with it.

When it comes to the simple idea of sharing and connecting with people, it seems Beme has hit the nail on the head. Even more so with a no-fluff design and very basic gestures, I can’t wait to see when it spreads and my friends start getting involved.

So now I’m in, my username is chloediamond I have an unlock code to share which means you can join me. If you’re interested just write a comment and I’ll share – see you there!


10 thoughts on “Beme – What does it mean?

  1. Amanda says:

    “Today I unlocked beme”. That’s of course the best part of the article lol. Its been such a mess to get through. I managed to get a code from and they made my day much better!


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