Throwback: Lake Titisee in Baden-Württemberg, the Black Forest, Germany

Europe 2012 308 copy

Visiting the Black Forest on my Euro trip was an absolute must. I had dreams of prancing around like Aurora being surrounded by animals and cake… Well, the cake came a bit later but that’s one thing off my bucket list.

We stayed with our friend, Andrew, whose cute attic-flat overlooked the forest in Freiburg. Making for a great post during lightening storms!

A short train ride later and we arrived in Titisee. The sun was shining, the cuckoo clocks were singing. It was obviously quite a touristy location although not particularly busy, with typical German attire and wurst lining the main path down to the lake.

Europe 2012 296 copy

As you can see there was quite a lot of choice if you wanted a paddle boat, and the lake was even large enough for much bigger bus boats too.

We were in the mood to skinny dip, not paddle, so ventured further round the trees to a subtle alcove which lead down to it’s own mini-beach.

Europe 2012 308 copy

Complete with fly agaric mushrooms!

Europe 2012 309 copy
I’m not a strong swimmer, so found this quite scary since I know I can’t dodge boats quickly if needs be. I prefer to paddle, feeling free. It’s times like this when it’s a shame to be with other people, and you need to be alone to fully immerse yourself.

So I went for a stroll while they swam, admiring the trees and smells as I went. You can really feel the age and defiance of them when you’re surrounded, which was exactly what I was hoping for.

It’s very easy to see the inspiration for the Grimm brothers when you see smaller cities and places in Germany. Not just in the Black Forest, but the cute wells in Marburg or the gnarled, Gothic houses everywhere are straight out of Snow White. You bet I was looking for a gingerbread house in the Black Forest.

I couldn’t find one, so opted for Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte instead. My bucket list includes things like eating Black Forest Gateau in the Black Forest, and Viennese Fingers in Vienna, so you can imagine my joy when this was placed in front of me.

Europe 2012 304 copy
Of course it was the best Black Forest Gateau I’ve ever tried, and for a humble 2€ too!

We waddled back to the train station, where we got off a few stops earlier and walked through a small woods before going for a short bike ride in the evening. I love that about Germany, it just feels like times stops. There’s always time for bike rides and beer, but they get stuff done.

I’ve got myself all excited to visit Berlin again now in August!

Have you ever been to Germany or the Black Forest? What did you think? Germany seems to be a controversial place – some people love it, some hate it. I personally love it! How can you hate a place with such a healthy appetite for cake?!


20 thoughts on “Throwback: Lake Titisee in Baden-Württemberg, the Black Forest, Germany

  1. tj6james6 says:

    Sadly I’ve never been off North America unless you count being thousands of feet in the air as I fly from Canada to the States and back again on occasion.
    My eyes saw Titisee but my brain said Tennessee, lol. Tennessee is one of the original 13 colonies and where I was born 🙂
    I do enjoy travelling via others words though so keep them coming.

    Liked by 1 person

    • itstartedinoxford says:

      I’ve never been to the US but it seems there’s a lot of different cultures considering it’s one country! I guess Europe is the same sort of size and I haven’t been out of Europe yet – Georgia is the furthest East I’ve been
      Glad you’re enjoying 🙂


      • tj6james6 says:

        The US is generally considered a melting pot of different cultures which is why it’s so hard to keep up with the English language. They pick up one thing and another from each language, adapt it for their own use, including definition, and the original word holds absolutely no resemblance to the new word *sigh*.


  2. The Tastemonials says:

    I am living in Southwest Germany and I love to live here with my heart and soul. The Black Forest is wonderful, the people are rough but warm and the food is gorgeous (don’t count calories!!) I love your pictures, especially the ‘Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte’ and the ‘Fliegenpilz’ 🙂


  3. Febry says:

    It must have been great to just have a stroll and take in your surroundings. I love going on walks or a bike ride because you can just appreciate your surroundings, take in all that nature has to offer. That Black Forest gateau looks well delish.


  4. LAnthony says:

    Now you talking about my territory. Germany is where I lived in 1985 and 1986. Absolutely loved it. The forests are enchanted no exaggeration. The way the ecosystem is treated and pollution in general are far superior to the states. Just like any other place there are many dowsides but it is an ancient land with a culture of ‘permanance’ and ‘preservation’. The US is so very temporary and. conservation by comparison.


  5. 92rehanali says:

    I lived in Karlsruhe for few months and I have been to the beatific Black Forest. I love Germany. The best part about Black Forest is that it is not commercialised like other places and thus there is natural beauty. Very peaceful too.


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