Seven things that made me happy this week!

I’m really sorry! I only have 7 things this week thanks to food poisoning which has kept me bed-ridden for the past few days. This also means I haven’t really taken any photos or a vlog. However these happy things are really happy things!

1: Finally buying our plane tickets home! It’s for quite a short time in August but I feel I can relax a bit now that we’ve atleast got plane tickets covered.

2: Seeing Placebo on Tuesday, of course. They’re always wonderful.

3: Starting Vinyasa yoga. I heard good things so searched on YouTube and found Ali Kamenova‘s channel – so good!

4: Progressing with the website and gaining some connections.. Vague but will have to do for now.

5: Working on my posture. The yoga helps with this and it’s been something I’ve wanted to fix for a while. It’s not easy being tall! Balancing a book on my head does wonders though.

6: My dad and step-mum sending me photos from their holiday in Gran Canaria. They put a lot of effort in to afford to travel so I’m glad to hear that they’re relaxing and enjoying themselves. Can’t wait to see them!

7: My grrl Eilish blogging more and more. Go check her out!

Again, apologies for the short list this week. I can’t say much has made me happy when I’ve been drifting in and out of sleep for the last few days. I feel well enough to write this post today so that’s progress at least! Hope you’ve had a lovely week wherever you are, I’d love to hear about it!


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