Ten things that made me happy this week!

10 things june 5

1: Tiramasu. It’s never a bad idea, and this is from someone who hates coffee.

2: Realising I can touch type! I remember having lessons for it at school (seriously) and didn’t realise it was really a thing until I noticed this week.

3: The winding streets of Old Tbilisi. They’re a real tourist trap but even then you rarely see anyone else when you stroll through them. I tend to avoid them from fear I’ll get lost in their labyrinth but I realised yesterday just how small the area is. It’s like stepping back in time, with wobbly balconies and faded wooden houses with Italian courtyards. Will try and head there today on the vlog!

4: The opening of the first Vegan Cafe in Georgia! It’s called Kiwi Cafe Tbilisi and I’ll write a proper post on it soon. So refreshing!

5: Planning our trip home in August. I’m so excited to visit Kelmscott Manor and indulge in a bit of William Morris! That, and it’s a good excuse for a bike ride through the British countryside and a roast by the river Thames. Dare I say I’m nostalgic?

6: Shota finishing work early a few days this week, meaning we had some time for long strolls around the beach and some good old-fashioned hand-holding.

7: Opening my curtains in the morning to see my local favourite street dog (who we call Mureba) chasing a cow who was galloping away in fear. Bit mean, but it made me giggle.

8: Old Russian book covers. The illustrations are beautiful!

9: Led Zeppelin’s Bombay Sessions/ Indian crossovers. Any music that makes me want to prance around naked in a field is more than welcome.

10: Shota scaring a creeper who followed me down the street. I knew Shota was waiting on the other side of the road and this guy wouldn’t take no for an answer and chased me under the underpass asking all sorts of irritating questions, only to run in to Shota (all 6’3″ of him) who, if he was a normal Georgian man, would have punched him. Instead this guy spent the next 10 minutes stuttering an excuse, looking like he was about to cry. I’m trying to focus on how funny it was, rather than be annoyed that he couldn’t take no for an answer when I said it, it had to be from another man…

How has your week been? Hopefully equally as entertaining. Enjoy your Sundays!


15 thoughts on “Ten things that made me happy this week!

    • itstartedinoxford says:

      Yes it was hilarious! I told Shota and he was like “…” until I realised that that’s not a weird thing for him but I’d never see that in the UK. Definitely a highlight. I’d like to learn Russian, or the alphabet atleast, but I worry I’d lose the aesthetic appeal if I do!

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  1. Carolyn Y says:

    Thanks for following!! I finally had time to catch click through onto your blog, I am in love so far!!!! Seeing all your photos makes me want to be back in Europe!!! I’ll just live through you for the moment 🙂


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