June Favourites!

P1090016 copy
The end of June means several things. Summer, Placebo and flying home! June has been the most transitional month for me so far, since the beginning of the month had me in jumpers and today I’m writing this in short shorts and a vest. More importantly, it’s the first month where I’ve felt really at home in Georgia, and am growing more and more concerned how I’ll react to being home after so long. I’ll be emotional, that’s for sure..

Something that’s been a favourite everyday since the sun peeked over the storm clouds has been smoothie bowls. Originally I just made a smoothie to have something moist with cereal in place of milk or yogurt, but I’ve even got Shota hooked on them. They’re so adaptable and refreshing, and it feels so good to know you can get so much nutrition packed into something so simple! I’m always so energised and fresh afterwards, and have got quite adventurous with my toppings, as you can see in the photo above.

That smoothie was one banana, half a green apple, some raspberries, a few dates and a chunk of water melon. I topped it with some crushed chocolate tea biscuits, gemrieli Georgian apricot and some local golden raisins too. Quite the mix of textures for those of us who bore easily with food.

P1090003 copy

My shorts from Zara. I’ve mentioned them before, but I’m just in love. They’re just the perfect length for me, comfortable, sophisticated and adaptable. I find them easy to dress up or down thanks to the subtle details and colour.

I can’t find the exact ones online but here’s the pink version, here’s a similar colour pair and here’s another pair I’m lusting over. Zara always does it so well.

P1080983 copy
This Garnier Fructis Full & Plush Shampoo and Conditioner. Sorry it’s in Russian… I picked this up on a whim having ran out of the Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur stuff I grabbed in Germany.

My hair gets so dry here thanks to the hard water and heat, so I was looking for anything that would condition well and sort my ends out. I leave the conditioner in for 5 minutes or so, which seems to make a world of difference. My hair is noticeably glossy and so much softer. Not that I didn’t like the Gliss Kur, I just find this one more intensive. Also my hair stays much softer for longer, even after being outside in the dry Tbilisi heat.

P1080985 copy

Finally, these sunglasses! That linked pair isn’t exact, although the only difference is the bit that goes behind your ears. I love them, they’re so comfortable and simple, and I think they suit my rather broad face shape. Cats eye glasses have always been my favourite but now I’ve seen they’re just not good for my face. Plus these ones are perfect to hide behind..

I hope you liked my favourites! I’d love to hear what you’ve been obsessed with this month. Happy July!


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