Vegan Chocolate Mousse!


Are you ready for this? 

So I heard about the whole aquafaba egg replacement thing, which is basically that gooey bean water in tins that acts like eggs in baking.

As a girl who grew up wondering why you’d bother eating yogurt when chocolate mousse exists, you can’t blame me for being excited when I heard about this. I saw a few people making meringues and mousses, so figured I’d give it a try. I couldn’t believe that it could ever be convincing, but wow, was I wrong.

I grabbed some chickpeas (the most recommended I saw online), drained them, added a squeeze of lemon and a teaspoon of honey (I was sceptical and fearing the bean taste) and got whisking. 

Bain marie 100g of dark chocolate (the higher % the better) until it melts, and allow to cool.

Keep whisking, as you can see it took me a pretty long time since I only had a fork…


Whisk whisk whisk until it gets thick and viscous. It should’ve been more creamy really, enough to form stiff peaks, but I have no upper body strength or patience. 

Once your bean juice (no Rorschach) has fluffed up and your chocolate has cooled down, slowly pour it down the side of the bowl into your juice fluff to ease it all together. Fold it in, but be patient. Don’t just chuck it all in there.

Leave it to set for a few hours (this depends on how thick your juice fluff was before you added chocolate, so mine took the best part of a day), top with berries if you fancy, then tuck in!

You can thank me later…



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