Ten things that made me happy this week!

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I can’t say this week has been the most eventful since I’ve basically stayed inside for most of it, avoiding tigers that were roaming around the office. I’ve been working a lot, trying to save up for my trip home in August, which means plenty of time for daydreaming and listening to music – something I’ve missed lately.

Enough babbling, let’s get on with the happy things!

1: Seeing the huge support from the people of Tbilisi regarding cleaning up and donating after the flood. Despite the authorities not planning well in advance in case of such events, the people brought it on themselves to help each other, the families who lost their homes and the animals. Here’s some footage of these amazing guys cleaning up, here’s some photos I saw today about the Penguins (one of which swam to Azerbaijan!) and you can donate to various places that I mention on here but also Tbilisi Hippo Fund who will give you a tshirt too!

2: Planning my trip back home! It looks like we’ll be making a few stops on the way – maybe Istanbul, Berlin, Italy and finally London. How I miss home!

3: Waking up early. I’ve never been an early bird but this hot weather has pulled me out of bed before 8am every morning (it’s early for me) which has resulted in a surprising amount of productivity and even time for yoga before my day begins. I also appreciate having breakfast with my sweet each day, as he wakes up even earlier to go swimming each morning!

4: Accordion players. They make me so happy. Usually spotted in a quiet place in the evening, typically an old man with smiling eyes and a pained expression as he concentrates. “madloba madloa gaixare”. The sound just sends me away. Check my Instagram for a little video.

5: Dubsmash. One thing led to another and I downloaded Dubsmash earlier in the week. I spammed my Grrls with videos and they lived up to my expectations when they downloaded the app too. Hilarious. It’s good to get a bit silly now and then.

6: Speaking of my Grrls, my dearest friend, Eilish, recently started blogging. She’s studying Creative Writing so her blog is focused on that with some of her own writing, reviews and more. Go and check her out and say hello! She’s a little bit shy but ever so talented. Plus her Dubs made me belly laugh.

7: Waking up to flowers from my sweet. I have no idea what they’re called but I’m in love with these amazing yellow flowers with the prettiest petals that are growing around the Tbilisi Sea. He paired it with some gorgeous electric blue/purple ones and they smelt incredible all week.

8: Shorts. I brought the cutest pair of shorts from Zara last week and have been living in them since. They’re the perfect length for me and a style adaptable enough that they can be dressed up or down. Here’s a link to the same pair but in orange and pink (can’t find the brown ones online!)

9: Swallows nesting just outside our house. They’re so beautiful and charismatic, I missed them after they left last year!

10: Starting yoga. I’ve been doing Sadie Nardini’s 14 day yoga shred which combines HIIT with yoga. So far it hasn’t been very challenging for me but I can definitely feel the burn and benefits after. I can easily do something more exhausting with it but in terms of improving my balance, flexibility and mindset it’s working wonders so far!

Tell me about your week! I’d love to hear from you.


8 thoughts on “Ten things that made me happy this week!

  1. Febry says:

    A penguin…swimming to Azerbaijan?!?!! That must have been a sight to see! I studied marine biology in school (I loved it, but I was kinda pants at it and that made me not love it as much), so I’m used to waking up early. It’s definitely one of those things you have to get used to, but it’s nice to just wake up at the crack of dawn every once in a while and see the sunrise. It’s such a beautiful and peaceful moment.


    • itstartedinoxford says:

      Apparently so! That’s freedom if I ever heard it! Ooh nice, what did it include? I can’t say I know much about Marine Biology to be honest, although I hope it involves dugongs!
      I completely agree. It’s so refreshing and encouraging to get things done earlier too. Besides, I can’t stay in bed longer in this heat, makes me have a headache..


      • Febry says:

        Dugongs were a small part of it! Mostly evolution and environmental stuff with a bit of anatomy and physiology. My marine bio course was quite general because it was a one semester thing, but I did learn quite a lot about the different types of aquatic environments and the flora and fauna.


  2. LAnthony says:

    I have at least three things this week wirth mentioning. I started back with yoga after too long of a hiatus. Though I’ve said solong to my personal trainer, I gifted my wife with my remaining sessions. Spending Father’s Day with my family!


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