Five things I’ve learnt this week


I thought I’d add something new into the equation and introduce a weekly roundup of things I’ve learnt, because I’m sure I’m not the only one who enjoys falling into a Wikipedia hole until 3am.

I think it’ll be a nice way to share knowledge too so would love to see you all posting things that you’ve learnt as well!

1: Where Tarot cards come from

Chatting with my friend on Skype earlier in the week, Tarot cards came up in conversation and she told me a little bit about their history. She said that from her research, their origin is disputed, but mostly considered variations came from France, Spain and Germany, each with their own suite which dominated different areas of Europe in the Late Middle Ages.

Sorry, that sentence was a bit Victorian…

2: What Britney was actually talking about in ‘Oops, I Did it Again’

Being a child of the 1990s, Britney was part of how I learnt English, so I ended up singing along phonetically without really understanding the words she was saying. This passed through to adulthood for certain musicians (mainly the Spice Girls who I thought were speaking gibberish but actually wanted wanna really really wanna zigazig ahh, I learnt otherwise only last year).

I found a Spotify playlist that satisfied all my ’90s and early ’00s pop needs, perfect to dance to and crush over Darius again, and of course Britney popped up. For some reason I listened to her this time, and finally I understand that she was the mean one in the song for making him think she liked him as more than a friend! There I was thinking all these years that her “oops” was about falling in love again. Maybe this isn’t news to anyone else but I had a bit of a Eureka moment…

3: How long sweet potatoes keep for

After buying sweet potatoes a few weeks ago and forgetting about them, I was relieved to discover that they were fine and actually last about a month!

4: How gallstones are formed

From what I understood, it’s just concentration of bile – so all the minerals and stuff – and they only cause problems when they’re big but can be there ages before any pain or problems. They’re kinda gross but it’s really fascinating what the human body is capable of.

5: What to do if you encounter a tiger

Thanks to this article from The Guardian, I now know what to do if I bump into one of these sweet beasts on Chavchavadze Ave! I think my fight or flight is a bit slow so this is good news for me.

What have you learned this week? I’d love to know, it’s so good for conversation!


6 thoughts on “Five things I’ve learnt this week

  1. tj6james6 says:

    I knew about the sweet potatoes because we’re not huge potato eaters (and I don’t like the sweet ones).
    What I learned?
    I work with a bunch of morons! (Actually I learned this a week ago yesterday but it still rankles).
    Very long story short: our contract is up for renewal. New ownership via Receivership. It’s only bee 3 years. They voted down what I thought was a very reasonable offer because there wasn’t an hourly pay increase even though there was a $1,000 yearly lump sum payment to help offset government fuckery plus other reasonable incentives. For the record we haven’t had a raise in 17 or 18 years! Even then we’re still several dollars above minimum wage AND the going rate for what it is we do.
    I am NOT a happy camper. *growl*


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