Ten things that made me happy this week!

10 things june 3 copy
This week has been eventful, although I’d like to mention something quickly now to get the negative stuff out of the way, but basically there has been serious flooding in Tbilisi and people have died. It’s awful, but also the zoo pretty much got washed away which is not only devestating for the poor animals that drowned but means that there are several lions, tigers, bears, wolves and hippos roaming around Tbilisi. At the moment cleaning up isn’t allowed until the authorities have sorted some things out because it’s so dangerous but there will be an international scheme and fund set up which I will share on here if you’d like to help or want more information.

Never assume that it can’t happen, do what you can to ensure such precautions are taken where you are and be safe! The biggest issue here is that the municipality didn’t plan for such events which means there was no drainage system or adequate planning when building new roads and forcing nature aside. Devastating. I will be vlogging today and will update that as the day progresses.

Now for some nice things…
1: Meeting the wonderful Mariam and Chris for dinner! It was so refreshing and inspiring to chat to such open-minded and enthusiastic people, can’t wait for their very traditional Georgian wedding!

2: Sadie Nardini yogaย although it kills my knees! I’ve been doing some of her fast workouts and you feel the burn in less than 30 seconds…

3: Drawing in pencil! It was only a quick one but it’s so satisfying and feels much more natural to me.

4: Wearing my hair naturally curly. I can’t stand my hair at the moment so am wearing it up most of the time until it grows longer, but wearing it naturally seemed to look okay the other day. I don’t usually straighten it or anything but I tend to it in a way which pulls the natural curls out so they’re much looser.. Or that’s the intention anyway.

5: Swallows nesting just outside our front door!

6: Olive green colour. I used to hate it but I’ve been drawn to it like nothing else recently.

7: Eilish, who might as well be my sister since we’ve known each other over 15 years, finally started blogging! She’s focusing on writing and books since she’s studying Creative Writing at university at the moment but go and check her out (she needs some encouragement to post more often)!

8: Nicki Minaj! I’m seriously late to the party but I discovered her on Spotify by accident. Not that I’d never heard of her before but I’d never sat down to listen to her, as much as I respect her massively. It’s not usually my type of thing but this, this and this have filled a musical void in my heart!

9: Learning something new! It’s the little things but it wakes you up, that’s for sure

10: Coconuts. We bought one the other day and it’s so satisfying, especially in this hot weather. How I miss easily-accessible coconut water though…

How was your week? Hopefully the sun is shining where you are!


11 thoughts on “Ten things that made me happy this week!

    • itstartedinoxford says:

      Yes it’s quite a scary situation at the moment, and heart-breaking. I can’t even think about it, it’s so hard to come to terms with how much has been lost. I’m just so angry at the authorities for not taking more initiative. I just found out that they recieved warning of a mudslide before it reached the river and yet did nothing to evacuate the people or animals. It’s this Georgian indifference which is going to keep holding Georgia back.


  1. Febry says:

    I’m glad that you’ve had a great week (minus the flooding, of course). I’m the same with you on Nicki’s music. I respect her as a person A LOT, but never bothered to listen to her music until a few weeks ago and I must say, I love the way she spits and what she stands for. Such a great role model in the music industry.
    My hair is the same, except I don’t have curly hair. It’s straight, but does the wavy thing at the ends, so I always have this fight with how I should wear it. I used to straighten it, but now I don’t bother. Recently, I’ve been wearing it in braids, whether it’s pigtails, a side braid, or a braid twisted into a bun. I’ve never really worn my hair in braids…usually just leave it down or in a high ponytail, but I’ve grown to love it and now I’m obsessed!


    • itstartedinoxford says:

      So glad you like her too! She’s just so refreshing.

      I wish I had wavy hair, very jealous ๐Ÿ™‚ But I’m sure everyone always wishes for what they can’t have. I bet you look beautiful either way!


  2. pixistics says:

    I totally understand the curly hair situation. My hair is Shirley temple curly so in Georgia, USA it is Waaaay to hot to have it down. I wear it up mostly as well. But there are those wonderful days when it looks amazing and you can rock it down! #curlgirls


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