My Go-To Veggie Chilli 

Another food post, sorry! I’ve been experimenting a lot trying to find food that satisfies me without being too heavy in the summer heat. 

One that seems perfect for summer and winter is a standard veggie curry. It goes with everything and is so adaptable, it’d be a shame not to share!

It takes about 40 minutes to prepare and cook, which is nothing for a chilli. Although that depends on how crunchy you like your veg…

You will need:

Veg… I used carrot, broccoli and red bell peppers although almost anything would work in here

A tin of chopped tomatoes (you can use fresh too but they need to be pretty juicy)

A large white onion

Several cloves of finely chopped garlic

Fresh coriander 

A sprinkling of thyme 

A tin of kidney beans (a tin is 200g I think?)

Start by frying off your chopped onion in quite a generous splash of oil, until it goes translucent. Then add your garlic.


Throw in your veg, coating everything with oil, then add your tinned tomatoes and maybe a splash of water if it doesn’t look so saucy.


After about 15 minutes (or until your veg has softened) add your drained-and-rinsed kidney beans. Let it all simmer away for another 10 minutes or so.
Add your fresh corriander (save a sprig for presentation if you like) and simmer a tiny bit more.

Serve on a bed of quinoa, rice or buckwheat and enjoy! It keeps well and can be frozen easily, if you don’t inhale all of it at once!

It’s filling enough to satisfy whilst being light and crunchy for summer. The combination of veg makes for such a pretty-looking dish but is also an easy way to sneak in your 5-a-day as well. It’s very adaptable if you like spicier or juicier, and takes very minimal effort to prepare and cook.

If you fancy giving it a try, let me know. Even those of you in winter right now can enjoy this one!


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