(G)oat milk recipe!

Since going Vegan/ cutting down massively on dairy, I’ve been looking for milk alternatives. Not that I drank milk much anyway, but it’s always nice for smoothies and cooking. 

In Tbilisi almonds are extortionate, and you can’t just buy almond milk or any other vegan alternative in the supermarket. However, oats are everywhere and available in bulk, so after buying a batch of awful large-flaked oats that just wouldn’t suffice for porridge, I decided to make oat milk.

  I had about 3/4 of a bag left, which looks like a lot since you should soak them overnight or atleast for a few hours before. 
Then add more water (not too much, but in my case I needed a little more to help my poor little blender), and blend it up! It will turn into quite a thick cream-like consistency. 

If it ends up more like a paste then I’d recommend adding a little more water, just to make life easier for the next bit. 

Mine was about the consistency of batter, causing a massive Yorkshire pudding craving…

Grab some coffee filters or an old, thin teatowel or cloth if you don’t have any to hand, and place over your container (I used a large glass jar, since it keeps for about a week). 

If you wait for it to drop through on its own you’ll be waiting for days, so I’d recommend squeezing! It feels a bit weird, milking a teatowel,  but so therapeutic! 

Et voila! You have your oat milk (maybe an hour or two later if you have no arm muscles like me). You might have some residue left over which I just popped into a smoothie, waste not want not!

I find this milk really satisfying, since I was raised on full fat, creamy farm milk. It has a thick consistency and feels substantial in recipes (perfect for smoothies!) whilst being lighter on your stomach than cow’s or goat’s milk would be. 

Since cutting down massively on dairy, my stomach has seemed to realign itself and I feel I can read my body better regarding how it reacts to things. Even the smallest amount of dairy makes me lethargic and achy, so this does wonders for me! Even Shota who loves hearty natural milks and butters enjoyed it, although he couldn’t guess how I made it because there’s no strange oaty taste!

The only thing is it’s slightly powdery, although not enough to cause an issue unless drank alone. I put that down to the type of oats I used though so I’m sure you won’t have such an issue with that if you try it. 

Would you ever try oat milk? Shall I attempt to make some chocolate or something with it? Have a lovely day and let me know if you decide to give it a whirl! 


9 thoughts on “(G)oat milk recipe!

  1. Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

    So you literally just add water to the oats and then blend them up? Obviously I understand the need for straining afterward.
    That is the basis of the milk? Is it the same with the Almonds? Do you literally just add water and then blend?


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